Ultimate Guide to Your Office Kitchen

    Ultimate Guide To Your Office Kitchen

    Ah, the office kitchen – where employees gather for more than just a quick break. Some may even call it the heart of the workplace, where employees build camaraderie over coffee, create long-lasting bonds over a shared snack, or collide to spark your company's next great idea. Enjoying your office kitchen is easy, but building it…not so much. 

    Managing your office kitchen can be an enormous undertaking. Finding the perfect layout is a challenge on its own. Then, you add on maintaining that space with premium office snacks, drinks, and equipment. There are so many moving parts. If only there were someone who could centralize it. 😉

    At Crafty, we have your office kitchen and pantry down to a science and know exactly what you need when you need it. We’ve rounded up all our learnings into this guide to help you unlock the full potential of this often-underestimated workplace perk. 

    From layout tips that streamline traffic flow to ideas that appeal to every employee's preference, this guide dives into every facet of creating an office kitchen that becomes a thriving nexus of collaboration and innovation.

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    Office Kitchens Are Crucial to Your Office Experience  

    You might be thinking, maybe your basket of snacks and your dated coffee machine is enough. Let’s not kid ourselves - it’s like asking if you consider a gas station a great food and beverage experience.

    A well-designed office experience encourages employees to take breaks and refresh themselves, leading to greater productivity and less burnout. Burnout is your company’s #1 enemy because retaining top talent is always cheaper than acquiring new ones. 

    On top of that, consider the benefits of the office kitchen for employee engagement. Here are a few stats that might get you to change your mind: 

    • 92% of employees want office coffee and lunch spaces to socialize [Nespresso]
    • 1 in 3 employees say food benefits would get them to go into the office [Sharebite]
    • Coffee shop ranked #1 office amenity perk among Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X [Gensler]
    • 61% of employees would change jobs due to food benefits [Sharebite]

    Among Crafty clients, we saw a 2x increase from 2021 to 2022 in food and beverage consumption, along with an increase of 179% in corporate food service spending. The top workplaces put their money where their employees’ mouths are…quite literally.

    Ultimate Guide To Creating An Office Kitchen & Pantry 

    Download the guide packed with layout, product, and equipment tips to succeed. 

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    Ideal Kitchen Guide E-Book

    Unpack WELL Standards  

    well standards in your office kitchen

    Well, well, well…are you implementing WELL standards across your office kitchens? 

    WELL Standards are a series of 13 health and wellness guidelines developed by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) to support the creation of healthier and more sustainable buildings. These standards offer a blueprint across design, construction, and operation to enhance everyone’s well-being, health, and productivity. One example of those standards is that your kitchen should provide fresh produce options. Fruit for health? Groundbreaking. 🤭

    devil wears prada gif

    But seriously, there are a lot of great nuggets inside these standards that can give you a blueprint to create a healthy work environment. Browse our deep dive on how Crafty can help you bring WELLness to life at your office, from products to dietary preferences and more!  

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    Organize Your Office Kitchen to Perfection   

    We know a thing or two about designing the ultimate workplace kitchen. A windowless closet that happens to have a few snacks has never been a talent acquisition or retention machine. These days, we want our workplaces to be as un-office-like as possible. They need to give coffee shop. They need to give hotel. They need to give ANYTHING but cubicle.

    The Ultimate Guide to Organizing an Office Snack Station

    The ultimate guide to organizing an office snack station

    Ready to snack on some knowledge straight from the Crafty experts? Discover the transformative potential of an office snack station that has evolved from a luxury to a workplace necessity. A thoughtful office pantry program enhances employee engagement and sets companies up for success in the war for talent. Gain insights to create and maintain an appealing snack station that aligns with employee preferences and improves workplace satisfaction. 

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    6 Tips to Create Gathering Spaces in Your Office Kitchen

    6 tips to create gather spaces in your office

    Learn six of our top strategies to create collaborative working spaces that work for team meetings, events, and individual work. Inside you’ll learn practical design tips to craft comfortable seating arrangements, ideal color palettes that fit your goals, and musical playlists that may spark the next big idea. Take an innovative approach to your office experience and create various spaces that create a thriving company culture that drives employees back into the office. 

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    Why Your Office Kitchen Layout Matters for Employee Engagement

    Why your office kitchen layout increases employee engagement

    The layout can make or break your office experience. No one wants to grab their coffee by the bathroom, and how annoying would it be to have a Bevi machine in a tight hallway with people squeezing past you? Crafty is sharing our team's core layout considerations when building your food service experience, from the kitchen triangle, to efficient flow, collaborative collisions, strategic lighting, and more. See how your kitchen can be transformed into a beacon of employee productivity and innovation. 

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    Explore the five practices leading workplaces use to build sustainable office pantry programs. 


    Crafting sustainable office pantry report

    The Winning Strategy for Your Office Pantry Budget 

    It’s funny how a budget is the foundation of an F&B program. Yet, many companies don’t have visibility into their daily spending with their existing food service provider. The exception is Crafty clients, of course. 

    We know how important staying on top of your budget is, so we continually move mountains to ensure you have full transparency into every location’s budget inside one central dashboard. Plus, we would be remiss not to mention our expert team. They are the ones who take initiative on the ground based on the information found in the dashboard.

    Crafty Introduces Enhanced Budgeting to Manage Your Food Service Spending

    Crafty's enhanced budgeting tool for office food service

    Whoop, there it is! In early 2023, Crafty introduced enhanced budgeting features to its technology suite to help you efficiently manage your corporate food service budgets across various office locations. The tool alerts you as spending approaches budget limits, and our team works closely with you to quickly course correct. 

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    The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Budget for Your Office Pantry

    Step-by-step guide to budget for your office kitchen and pantry

    Say hello to our little friend: A step-by-step guide for office pantry budgeting! Your food and beverage program is pivotal in building a thriving workplace experience. That’s why we’re sharing our not-so-secret budget formula that considers your daily headcounts, delivery schedule, and office kitchen equipment. Let’s streamline the process with the ultimate partner who will guide you through each step! 

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    5 Tips to Save on Your Corporate Food Service Program in 2023 and Beyond!

    5 tips to save on your corporate food service program

    It costs upwards of $50 per day for employees to go into your office, and spoiler alert, remote work also comes at a high cost. What employees need from their employers is to help them save on everyday costs, the first being food. That said, balancing company savings and employee satisfaction while driving growth is possible. Take a peak at Crafty’s top savings tips for your corporate food service program without sacrificing this valuable employee perk.  

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    Elevate Your Office Coffee Station

    Imagine an office without coffee. YIKES! In surprise to no one, 66% of employees prefer coffee as their first drink of the day. Additionally, 77% of coffee drinkers feel they need two or more cups of coffee each day to be productive. In short, that means you better invest in some quality office coffee or else.

    Office Coffee Trends in 2023

    2023 office coffee trends

    We all know none of us can even think about answering an email without at least one cup of coffee in our system. Office coffee stations play a vital role in fostering workplace satisfaction, and Crafty data insights paint an interesting picture of the specific products employees demand. From commercial coffee machines, coffee beans, milk preferences, and more – we’re breaking down the top office coffee trends you need to know! 

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    Elevate Your Office Coffee Station by Learning from Your Favorite Coffee Shop

    The office coffee shop experience in your office

    Remote employees across the nation are spending hours at coffee shops, splurging on $5 lattes and $4 snacks without batting an eye. Learn how you can turn your office into a destination employees actually want to work in inspired by your favorite coffee shop. Vibes can go a long way in driving your employees back into the office. 

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    What’s the Difference Between Light Roast vs. Dark Roast Coffee?

    Light roast vs. dark roast office coffee

    Not sure which roast to choose for your office coffee station? Roasting coffee beans plays a pivotal role in determining flavor, and understanding the differences can enhance your employees’ coffee experience. We’re breaking down the differences between light and dark roast to help you find the perfect fit for your office. 

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    Fuel your hybrid hospitality strategy in 2024 and unlock workplace trends and expert insights. 


    Crafty delivers the future of the workplace report with office snack and office drink trends and statistics

    Essential Office Kitchen Equipment 

    Welcome to the new show Equipment Matchmaking where your friends at Crafty help you find your equipment soulmate. Just kidding, but not! Choosing the right equipment for your office can be daunting, and 300+ offices across the globe trust the Crafty team to help them navigate those waters.

    Top 6 Office Coffee Machines in 2023

    Top office coffee machines in 2023

    Check out the top corporate coffee machines Crafty clients prefer across the globe. Overall, there are two primary types of coffee machines: Automatic Bean-to-cup Espresso Machines and Drip Coffee Machines. We break down everything you need to know from the machine's attributes, capacities, dimensions, and office compatibility so you can make the best decision for you. 

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    Picking the Right Kegerator for Your Office

    Pick the right office keg

    Ready to craft a better workplace? Beer kegs hold a special place in our hearts as that was the first thing we ever delivered to offices. However, beer isn’t the only thing you can put in a keg; the options are endless. Serve cold brew, tea, kombucha, sparkling water, beer, and wine. We’re sharing all our keg knowledge so you can get this party started!

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    Merchandise Your Office Pantry Like A Pro

    The art of pantry merchandising involves thoughtful product selection, strategic organization, and strong attention to detail. Oftentimes it’s the centerpiece of your office experience, and the team at Crafty knows all the hacks to getting this all done beautifully and efficiently. 

    Top Office Snacks by City 

    Top office snacks by city 2023

    As the unofficial snackologist of the workplace, the time is now to unveil the 2023 top office snacks by city! Crafty has stocked over 300 office kitchens and pantries with premium snacks, and even we were surprised at some results. Ready to see what office snacks everyone is going bananas over? 

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    How to Stock an Office Kitchen with Healthy Snacks Your Team Will Love

    Healthy office snacks your team will love

    Finding products your entire team will love can be impossible – Until Crafty entered the chat! Successfully stock your office kitchen with a diverse range of snacks and drinks to cater to different tastes, dietary preferences, DEI missions, and more. Easily curate the right products that resonate with your team’s preferences and values, promoting a positive workplace culture.

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    How To Launch a Sustainable Office Food Service Program

    Let’s make the world a better place! See how Crafty can create a sustainable office food service program that benefits both the environment and the company. Sustainability not only helps protect the planet but also offers several advantages such as cost savings, energy conservation, waste reduction, improved brand image, and enhanced employee engagement. Follow these practical tips to craft a more sustainable future. 

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    Gluten-Free Office Snacks

    Gluten-free office snacks

    Let’s take a moment of silence for bread. Ok, now that we’re done, we can dive into the ultimate guide to navigating the gluten-free workplace. Thanks to Crafty, you’ll have more tasty options that you didn’t even know existed. Crafting an ideal office kitchen starts with ensuring that everyone can find options that fit their dietary needs. So, whether it's for health reasons or personal preference, we’ll show you how to keep your office snack game gluten-free and delicious!

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    These Vegan Office Snacks Will Improve Your F&B Program

    Vegan office snacks

    Fear not! We're determined to provide for everyone's natural rights to life, liberty, and snackiness! We’ve rounded up our favorite vegan products that you should be stocking, along with some other bits of information you need to know about your favorite vegan coworker.  Meat and dairy may be off-limits, but you have a world full of options across all other categories! 

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    Keto Office Snacks

    Keto office snacks

    We’re dishing out some easy tips to integrate keto-friendly snacks into your office pantry seamlessly. We’ll unveil the secrets behind the ketogenic diet along with strategic product swaps you can make across all of your offices. And don’t worry, your coffee is safe! 

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    The Foodie’s Guide to Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Work


    Cost Of Returning To The Office-1

    What do avocado toast, baked potatoes, and hot chocolate have in common? All of them are foods we enjoy today thanks to produce that originated in Latin America. Food is a cornerstone of any culture–and that’s especially true for this community. After all, Lima, Peru, is known as the Culinary Capital of Latin America (some would even say the world!). Explore this guide that rounds up how to create an inclusive workplace that celebrates the backgrounds of your employees using office snacks, drinks, and more! 

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    Beginner's Guide To Kosher Office Snacks


    Kosher Office Snacks-2

    Fill up your cup with knowledge...about Kosher office snack options. Dive into the world of kosher options, which are the dietary guidelines around Judaism. These religious food guidelines are not only as important as your standard dietary restrictions, but they also ensure your office culture is embracing DEI initiatives to ensure you’re not excluding any employee from your incentive program.

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    Scale A Food Service Program

    One office’s food service program can be a beast to manage between the various vendors, invoices, emails, etc. Now multiply that across every location. Thoughts and prayers won’t be enough this time. What you really need is someone to help you consolidate. 

    4 Reasons To Standardize Your Enterprise Office Kitchen Program

    Centralized office food service

    A unified office kitchen program has many benefits, such as improving employee engagement, strengthening company culture, and improving budget visibility. It’s time you put streamlining at the top of your priority list. Imagine how much time simply getting one invoice would save you. But don’t worry, we have a few other tricks up our sleeve. 

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    Boost Employee Engagement 

    Food brings people together, and a connected workforce is a productive one. 70% of employees say food improves their productivity in the office, according to Hoppier Research. It’s such an easy win for enterprise companies to provide while enabling their teams to collaborate to greater heights. 

    How Food Service Will Drive Employee Connectivity

    Improve employee engagement with office snacks

    As you navigate the changing work dynamics, lean on your food and beverage program to facilitate meaningful connections, enhance onboarding experiences, and combat the potential isolation of remote work. The future of work is all about reimagining your office experience and creating spaces for curated interactions over coffee, snacks, and beyond. 

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    Muffin Morale & Pantry Productivity

    Office pantries increase employee productivity

    In a time when the sense of connection has been somewhat muted, bring your employees together over a shared snack or meal to strengthen team bonds and enhance the vibes. Let something as simple as a thoughtful snack, a healthy catered lunch, or an otherworldly cappuccino nourish your team’s happiness.

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    Snacks Have Superpowers: How Mini-Meals Make Employees Feel Appreciated

    Snack boxes for employee appreciation

    Food connects us at the most fundamental human level. Think about it: we all have to eat three times/day (plus snacks!), and there’s often a social component. Life can get hectic and doesn’t leave much time to focus on meal planning or grocery shopping. It's time to take the stress off your employees’ plates with a corporate food service program!

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