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Hybrid workplace trends for leading workplaces
DEI ideas for your office pantry snacks and drinks
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Office snack statistics

"Many companies fall into the trap of the Perk Paradox — the tension between companies' desires to find cost savings and simultaneously elevate the in-office experience. This misalignment manifests as a failure to invest in the workplace perks with the largest ROI."

Crafty delivers CEO Nathan Rosenstock


Unlock key insights to fuel your growth.

77% of Fortune 100 companies operate under a hybrid model


The average office spends $13,956/mo. on F&B programming


Office pantry spend increased by 84% in the last year


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Hybrid is a good formula, but it needs consistency of people in the office and the buy-in as an organization to create the ideal workplace experience.

Nothing is more frustrating than commuting 45 minutes to an office with no one there, to sit on video calls all day.

Chris Ritter COO at Crafty

Crafty Delivers COO Chris Ritter

Workplaces want consistent experiences across their sites translating into consistent equipment, products and services.

They also want to add a little local flair—so every office may require cold brew, but they want the local cold brew brands to rep their cities.

Emma Waterman Director of Implementation at Crafty

Crafty Delivers Director of Implementation Emma Waterman

Large companies naturally have offices spread throughout the globe that all require different levels of servicing.

Crafty's technology centrally manages these programs, empowering businesses to scale while keeping workplace teams lean.

Jimmy Paul CTO at Crafty

Crafty delivers CTO Jimmy Paul

Actionable tips and statistics to breathe life into your workplace.

Break down the ideal office kitchen and pantry product mix using consumption insights gathered across 300+ offices across the globe. 

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How to build the best office snack station for your breakroom statistics


About Crafty: Crafty is a centralized platform for workplaces to manage food, beverage, and supplies for their in-office, remote, and hybrid teams across the globe. Founded in 2015, our mission is to help companies craft better workplaces. From Draft Kings to Robinhood to TPG, we work with the world's biggest brands to harness the power of food and beverage to foster a culture of employee connectivity and increase workplace productivity. Headquartered in Chicago, with offices in New York and the Bay area, Crafty manages over 300+ global client offices and serves over 300,000 employees per month.

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