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Looking for a full-service treatment? Look no further. With Concierge, Crafty experts are onsite daily to execute a robust food and beverage program. We'll handle everything from orders, deliveries, inventory, heavy restocks, equipment maintenance, food and beverage program management, and beyond. Now your team can be hands-off and still look like the office heroes. 

Daily office food service and program management. 

300+ global offices trust Crafty.

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Complete Food Service Management

Crafty takes food service operations off your plate, so you can use that time elsewhere.

Daily On-Site Service
Order and Inventory Management
Daily Restocks & Product Merchandising
Regular Equipment Upkeep & Maintenance
Routine Quality Control Checks

One Central Platform
Visibility Into Daily Task Completion
Product Catalog & Consumption
Budget Spend Tracking 
Monitoring Trends, Feedback, & Program Success

Unlock 35+ Hrs/Week In Time Savings

The people and the platform under one umbrella.

Tasks Per Kitchen

Avg. Estimates Calculated from Crafty Data

Before Crafty

Avg. Weekly Time Spent

After Crafty

Avg. Weekly Time Spent

Orders, Deliveries, & Inventory 



Product Restocks 



Coffee Brewing & Wipe Downs



Equipment Management



Vendor Communication 



Financials & Reporting



Employee Requests & Questions



Total Time Spent

40 Hours

5.5 Hours


 Total Hours Saved: 35 Hours

On-site Crafty team member:

F&B Specialist,
Haley Webster

Haley manages F&B inventory, restocks, kitchen and pantry organization, and equipment upkeep while also…

• Working with on-site baristas in the office café
• Maintaining kitchen operations & aesthetics
• Helping employees best utilize the program 
• Managing and troubleshooting any hiccups  
• Instituting program improvements 

Learn More About Haley > 

Haley Webster Crafty Chicago Food Service Specialist

Top Workplaces Rely On Crafty

Join the Crafty community – you’ll be in great company! 

Crafty Ferrara Office Kitchen and Pantry Example-4

“Crafty makes us feel like we are the only client. With Crafty, we have risk mitigated our lunch program down to an art form. As an Office Manager wearing multiple hats and doing other things, it was freedom."

Amanda Loudermilk, Workplace Manager at Ferrara. 

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Concierge FAQ  

What market is this concierge food service model available in?

Crafty has established concierge clients in the following areas:

  • Atlanta 
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • Kansas City
  • Las Vegas
  • NYC Metropolitan Area
  • Portland
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Seattle
  • St. Louis
  • Washington DC

For cities outside this list, reach out to our team for more information. Crafty is constantly growing to help clients streamline their office food service nationally.

How many Crafty team members are on-site in my office?

We work with you to scope out your vision to find the ideal team solution within your budget. Our team typically takes these factors into account: 

  • Kitchens: Amount of office kitchen or pantries per office and per floor.  
  • Displays: Size of your display areas such as fridges, snack station, etc. 
  • Equipment: Pieces of equipment like coffee machines, water machines, kegs, etc. 
  • Traffic: Estimate your office traffic throughout the week.
  • Touches: How many touches do we need to give each area throughout the day. 

Once we figure out the daily scope of work, we can propose the number of team members we recommend for your space. The more of the above, the more team members we would recommend.

What is not included in Crafty’s concierge program?

Crafty is all about running the most efficient office food and beverage program for the top workplaces. To ensure you get the best service possible, below is a list of functions that our concierge team does not support: 

  • Janitorial Services: Our team does take out your office kitchen trash, but does not clean other work areas like desk cleaning, desk trash, mopping floors, or cleaning the restrooms.  
  • Dishes: Our team provides a light wipe-down around office kitchen equipment, but does not load dishwashers or hand wash employee dishes. 
  • Laundry: Crafty does not provide laundry support.
  • Corporate Catering Setup And Other Food Services Support: If you are working with other catering providers or corporate food service vendors, we understand. But unfortunately, our Crafty team will not execute on behalf of other organization's services.
    • P.S. If you are looking to fulfill your catering needs, we partner with ezCater, the leading national provider of corporate catering solutions. When you choose us together, we'll consolidate your ezCater program billing directly in our dashboard. 
How much does Crafty Concierge cost?

Learn more about our food service pricing to find the ideal program for you. For Concierge, we require you to get in touch with our team to discuss your specific needs.

Let's do this

No matter your office location or size, Crafty can help you build a food & beverage program that your company will love.