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Streamline Your Office Kitchen & Pantry

Not too much, not too little. The "just right" on-site service package for your small to medium-sized offices! With each visit, Crafty experts take care of your orders, inventory, merchandising, and upkeep, so you don’t have to. Don't delay; delegate your time-consuming food service tasks to our team of specialists.

Your Office Kitchen Sidekick

Consistently Scale Your Food And Beverage Program  

Orders for office food delivery


Automated Ordering
and Delivery

office pantry inventory management


Perfectly Organized
Storage Areas

Office snack station design and execution


Restocks of Your Favorite
Snacks & Drinks

Office kitchen equipment maintenance and upkeep


Wipe Downs &

Transparency Inside One Central Platform

Let Crafty Crunch The Numbers 

Get real-time visibility into your office snack and beverage program to make data-driven decisions.

Get the following information for your company as a whole and for each individual office:  

  • Product Catalog 
  • Budget Tracking 
  • Automated Ordering
  • Consumption Data
  • Operation Reports
  • Client Support

Meet A Crafty Driver

Bay Delivery Specialist, 
Flynn Huntley

Average Time On Site: Up To 90 Minutes

Flynn starts his day early, traveling to a variety of Crafty client sites to do the following:

  • Order Delivery 
  • Organize Stockroom
  • Office Pantry & Fridge Restock 
  • Light Equipment Upkeep 
  • Surface Wipe Downs 
  • Inventory Management
  • Next Order Placements  

Learn More About Flynn >

Crafty Bay Office Food Delivery

Delivery+ FAQ  

What if I have a workplace team?

Delivery+ is a great option for companies with an on-site workplace team as it extends their bandwidth to focus on other company initiatives. 

On the days Crafty delivers your order, our team will unload into the stockroom, restock your shelves, manage your inventory, and do some light equipment upkeep.  

As our team is only there for a limited time a few times a week, your workplace team is still responsible for tasks like the following: 

  • Light restocking throughout the day or on days Crafty isn’t there
  • Light equipment upkeep throughout the day or on days Crafty isn’t there
  • Regular cleanings like running the dishwasher, wipe downs, etc. 
  • Facilitating any catering activities or special events 

Our team works closely with your workplace team to ensure the program is running smoothly. We collaborate on future orders and provide them with the tools they need to track program success inside one central dashboard.

How many times a week can Crafty deliver?

Crafty tailors your delivery schedule based on your office kitchen budget, and works with you to find a frequency to ensure your pantry is always well-supplied without excess inventory piling up, saving you money in the long run. The larger your pantry budget, the more frequent your delivery schedule is.

What will be completed during each visit?

The standard Delivery+ visit includes around 90 minutes of service where our delivery specialists efficiently accomplish the following tasks: 

  • Order Delivery 
  • Stockroom Organization 
  • Restock Office Pantry & Fridge
  • Light Equipment Upkeep 
  • Surface Wipe Downs 
  • Inventory Management
  • Next Order Placements  

If you need more robust daily service, check out Crafty Concierge.

What type of equipment upkeep is included?

Equipment upkeep varies depending on the size and number of office kitchens we need to service along with the amount of equipment in each kitchen. Here's a quick rundown of the equipment upkeep: 

  • Kegerators: Tap new keg, test pour, check gas, and replace as needed
  • Bean-to-cup: Refill beans and powders
  • Bevi’s: Check and refill bibs, check gas, and replace as needed
How much does Crafty Delivery+ cost?

Learn more about our food service pricing to find the ideal program for you.

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No matter your office location or size, Crafty can help you build a food & beverage program that your company will love.