The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Office Kitchen & Pantry

There's a good chance your office kitchen is missing a key ingredient. And no, we're not talking about Sriracha. After years of helping the world's leading companies create the snacking suites of their dreams, we’re sharing the secret sauce to separate boring break rooms from bustling eating spaces.Get to know the 4 pillars of building and managing an office kitchen and pantry space that excites employees to return to office. Plus a free interactive checklist!

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See What’s Inside

4 steps for rating and upgrading your office kitchen and pantry like a pro

Level Up Your Layout

How to design a layout that makes preparing and enjoying food easy as well as those Steve Jobs-approved' creative collisions' possible

Assess Product Variety

Why diverse snacking options matter—and how you can leverage them to satisfy your sustainability, D.E.I., and wellness goals

Evaluate Your Equipment

Which equipment can help you make mealtime safer and more efficient while satisfying the diverse needs of your team

Set The Vibe

How creating a space with #GoodVibes can improve productivity and help employees see the office as a destination instead of an obligation

And hey, if you are out of Sriracha, we've also included tips for optimizing inventory management too.