2022 Year in Review: Office Food and Beverage Trends, Statistics and Insights

    Bennifer 2.0. Negroni Sbagliato. The “Running Up That Hill” obsession. A lot happened in 2022, including big changes to the way we work. 

    With the winter holidays upon us and an exciting year of growth to look forward to, there’s no better time for us to share the insights we’ve gathered on workplace and food consumption trends, as well as highlight all we've done to keep our community armed, ready, and hungry (see what we did there) for the year ahead. 

    Taking a page out of the hospitality handbook, we’re looking forward to evolving with you by offering flexible food and beverage services with a human touch. 

    Check out our office snack and drink trends, insights, and statistics. 

    P.S. Behind these figures are the people who make the Crafty machine run: our team, our clients, and our partners. Without our incredible community, our wins wouldn’t be possible. So cheers to them, cheers to you, and here’s to more of everything in 2023!


    Crafty delivers office food and beverage trends and insights in 2022
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