Top Office Snacks by City 

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    We've all been there - that moment when your focus starts to dwindle and you can’t escape the beckoning of the office kitchen. Which snack is calling to you, and more importantly, is it calling to just you? 

    As the unofficial snackologist of the workplace, Crafty has stocked over 300 office kitchens and pantries with premium snacks that speak to all employee preferences and sensitivities. The team has observed all types of office snack habits ranging from fearless chip adventurers to disciplined fresh produce enthusiasts, and believe that these choices say a lot about your fellow coworkers. 

    The time is now to unveil the 2023 top office snacks by city! This report uses insights from Crafty’s proprietary technology platform that provides clients with visibility into all their locations’ consumption data, enabling them to: 

    🥰 Ensure their employees have a voice in the products being selected  

    🗑️ Reduce product and spend waste with the help of real-time data

    💰 Forecast budgets more efficiently based on historical consumption reporting  

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    Top Office Snacks By City Atlanta-1


    Miss Vickie's Smokehouse BBQ Flavored Chips

    Atlanta has a taste for the bold and flavorful, and these chips are a perfect reflection of Atlanta's vibrant and dynamic personality. Their tangy and smoky profile offers a little kick of excitement in every bite that can be easily shared and enjoyed with others.

    Top Office Snacks By City Austin-1


    H.K. Anderson Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets

    They say “Keep Austin Weird” and it’s no surprise their top snack offers a delightful twist on a classic snack. The perfect balance of sweet and salty makes this the perfect treat to fuel adventurous Austinites during their outdoor activities, music events, and exploration of the city's vibrant scene.

    Top Office Snacks By City Bay Area-1

    Bay Area

    Fresh Produce Bananas

    The Bay Area is all about putting a focus on health and sustainability when it comes to their bytes…see what we did there! This simple and nutritious fruit offers a convenient and energizing snack that fuels busy Bay Area residents throughout their day-to-day activities, whether it's hiking in the nearby scenic landscapes or their next meeting in the office. 

    Top Office Snacks By City Boston-1


    Fresh Produce Bananas

    Another city surprisingly on the Banana craze? Boston! You can bet your Red Sox cap that Bostonians are all about efficiency. None of that fancy snacking business; just grab a banana and get back to work. But don't be fooled; beneath that tough exterior, Bostonians have a soft spot for their fellow office mates. Sharing a banana with a coworker is their way of saying, "Hey, we're all in this together!"

    Top Office Snacks By City Charlotte-1


    Kar’s Nuts Unsalted Cashews

    Charlotte finds the balance between tranquility and simplicity with unsalted cashews. They prefer to savor the delicate flavors and buttery goodness of each cashew with no need for flashy seasonings or fancy coatings. It’s all about genuine connections and flavors for these Charlotteans. 

    Top Office Snacks By City Chicago-1


    Fresh Produce Bananas

    Well, well, well, looks like the vibrant city of Chicago has spoken, and their top office snack is also bananas! You see, just like the iconic Chicago-style hot dog, bananas are all about piling on the toppings of health benefits! They're the superstar snack that's rich in potassium, fiber, and essential nutrients, fueling the Chicagoans while they work hard in the office. 

    Top Office Snacks By City Cincinnati-1


    Frigo Cheese Heads, Original String Cheese

    Cincinnati is living up to its cheesy reputation by choosing string cheese as its favorite office snack. It’s just another way the workforce of Cincinnati shows their love of tradition by choosing a tried-and-true snack that never goes out of style. Like Cincinnati’s beloved chili, string cheese is that dependable staple that Cincinnati can count on.

    Top Office Snacks By City Dallas-1


    Jif To Go - Creamy Peanut Butter

    Y'all know how everything's bigger in Texas, and apparently, that includes their appetite for this nutty office snack. Dallas' trailblazing spirit makes this snack the perfect to scoop up with a variety of foods, from crackers, pretzels, fruit, and more. Jif To Go is like the snack that keeps Dallas energized throughout the workday, fueling productivity one scoop at a time. 

    Top Office Snacks By City Denver Crafty


    Nabisco Oreo Cookies

    You can bet your hiking boots that Denver knows how to indulge in a sweet adventure. Oreo Cookies keep Denver fueled for whatever mountains they're climbing, both figuratively and literally. They are like the craft beer of snacks, masterfully blending flavors to create a delicious experience in every bite. 

    Top Office Snacks By City Houston Crafty


    Nissin Cup Noodles Stir Fry, Teriyaki Beef

    Houston, we have a situation. It looks like Houston isn’t afraid of challenging the status quo when it comes to office snacks. Who wants chips when you can have a cup of delicious stir-fried noodles? Houston isn’t afraid to shake things up and take risks. They do it with their space program so why not boldly take office snacking where it has never gone before?

    Top Office Snacks By City Kansas City Crafty

    Kansas City

    Fresh Produce Bananas

    It seems like we've got another city joining the banana bunch! You might think Kansas City would go for something bold and daring as their favorite office snack, but nope—it's bananas–B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Maybe they're saving their adventurous spirit for their BBQ choices. But hey, who needs risky snacks when you can rely on the humble banana? 

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    Top Office Snacks By City Las Vegas Crafty

    Las Vegas

    Chobani 0% Greek Yogurt - Strawberry

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…except when we’re talking about their top office snack. The employees of Las Vegas need a snack that can keep up with their energy levels. Enter Chobani 0% Greek Yogurt, the snack that's packed with protein to keep your energy up all day.  Some even say it’s the secret weapon to keeping your poker faces on point during high-stakes meetings. 

    Top Office Snacks By City Los Angeles Crafty

    Los Angeles

    Fresh Produce Bananas

    Looks like another city is going bananas, literally! Amidst all the green juice detoxes, smoothie bowls, avocado everything, sometimes it’s the simple things that give us the most energy. After all, what's more Instagrammable than your oat milk latte alongside a perfectly ripened banana? 

    Top Office Snacks By City Miami Crafty


    Wonderful Roasted & Salted Pistachios

    In all aspects of life, including the workplace, the people of Miami love an office snack that is a little extra. Roasted and salted to perfection, these shelled Pistachios make a great snack for those looking for that extra boost of protein when headed to the beach, the club, or the club after the other club. 

    Top Office Snacks By City New York City Crafty

    New York City

    Fresh Produce Bananas

    The city that never sleeps, has spoken, and it seems like they too are joining the banana bunch. Always on the go, hustling from one meeting to another, navigating the crowded streets like a pro; bananas are the ultimate snack to refuel and recharge on the go so you can catch a Broadway show…or the not-so-elusive subway performance.

    Top Office Snacks By City Philadelphia Crafty


    Frito-Lay Classic Mix Variety Pack

    Philly is the City of Brotherly Love and choosing a variety pack is pretty on-brand. This snack pack brings together all the favorites from sweet, salty, spicy; offering a little something for everyone to celebrate the beauty of choices when it comes to office snacking. 

    Top Office Snacks By City Phoenix Crafty


    Wilcox Farms Hard Boiled Cage Free Eggs

    It looks like Phoenix cracked the code (literally) when it comes to protein-packed snacks. Just like their bright and sunny disposition, a perfectly boiled egg provides all the protein they need to stay full until lunch and keep things positive. 

    Top Office Snacks By City Pittsburgh Crafty


    Smucker's Uncrustables, Peanut Butter & Strawberry

    Pittsburgh has got a taste for the classic and convenient! They know how to appreciate the tried and true and stick to what works; never compromising on quality. Much like Pittsburgh’s iconic yellow bridges, those Uncrustables are like the bonds that hold office teams together – reliable, strong, and always there when you need them.

    Top Office Snacks By City Portland Crafty


    Solely Fruit Jerky, Mango

    Portland marches to the beat of their own drum – never shying away from trying something new. While the rest of the world munches on regular old snacks, Portland employees are all about embracing nature's bounty. Who needs a pantry full of processed snacks when you can savor the goodness of dried fruit in all its glory? 

    Top Office Snacks By City Raleigh Crafty


    Fresh Produce Bananas

    Raleigh – another city hopping on the banana bandwagon! For those who celebrate Southern hospitality, it’s no surprise Releigh’s office snack is also approachable, warm, and versatile. Bananas can be enjoyed in countless ways, from smoothies to snacks to desserts; making it the perfect snack to bring a team together. 

    Top Office Snacks By City Salt Lake City Crafty

    Salt Lake City

    Fresh Produce Baby Carrots

    Salt Lake City is embracing the fresh and crunchy goodness of these vitamin-packed snacks to stay energized and fit. With Baby Carrots and their favorite dips like ranch or hummus, they're ready to tackle any challenge and maintain a balanced work-life harmony, proving that health is wealth – even in the workplace!

    Top Office Snacks By City San Diego Crafty

    San Diego

    Pacific Gold Original Beef Jerky

    It comes as no surprise that San Diego’s top office snack is Pacific Gold Original Beef Jerky. This jerky offers a burst of energy that matches San Diego's vibrant energy. Always ready to dive into new experiences, San Diego employees snack on this treat to fuel their ambitions with every flavorful bite!

    Top Office Snacks By City Seattle Crafty


    Fruit for Thought Dried Mango

    The city of tech-savvy and coffee aficionados has spoken, and their favorite office snack perfectly reflects their appreciation for the finer things in life. This snack pours goodness and natural sweetness into the workday, giving Seattle employees a burst of creativity in a tropical package. 

    Top Office Snacks By City St. Louis Crafty

    St. Louis

    Fresh Produce Bananas

    Another city joining the banana hype? St. Louis! While other offices might be fighting over the last piece of pizza or the last donut in the box, employees in St. Louis are embracing the healthy and wholesome path. Bananas are packed with potassium perfect for your next burst of productivity. 

    Top Office Snacks By City Washington DC Crafty

    Washington DC

    Hearn Kirkwood Strawberry Yogurt Parfait

    Amidst the bustling government offices, you'll find dedicated D.C. professionals chowing down on these delicious, layered treats. They may not agree on everything, but when it comes to savoring the sweet goodness of a parfait, they find common ground.

    Office Snacking Goes International

    Deliver a cohesive employee experience across all of your global locations with Crafty’s expert people and centralized platform. Crafty partners with local providers to handpick the product selection that speaks to your team so you can build a  thriving workforce across the globe. 

    Check out the international office snack trends across Crafty’s global accounts: 


    As shown in the data insights, the world of office snacking is extremely diverse, with a wide variety of preferences across each city. Companies have to standardize a quality employee experience while tailoring product selection to fit local tastes, which can easily snowball into an admin headache. 

    The Crafty approach allows enterprise companies to centralize operations while continuing to offer an agile program that speaks to every employee. 

    🏅 Premium, local product selections for every taste, mission, and sensitivity.

    🦸 Reliable team of food and beverage experts to operate your program. 

    📊 Robust consumption and budget reporting to track your success.

    🧾 One itemized monthly receipt for your entire company.

    Deliver a cohesive F&B experience with one partner that you can rely on. Remember, a well-fed workforce is a happy and productive workforce, and Crafty is here to lead the way to snacking success in every corner of the world!

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