How to Craft the Best Office Coffee Station [Full Guide]

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    Although the workplace has changed in many ways, the coffee break has remained core to the office experience. That said, the days of a sad coffee machine in a bare-bones kitchen is no longer “the vibe.” Employees want more from their office coffee station: more flavors, more coffee variety, and, of course, more caffeine.

    A recent Nespresso report surveyed over 1000 employees and found some crucial insights:

    • 47% to be exact, say that they appreciate the value of coffee breaks with coworkers.
    • 77% of respondents say that morning coffee breaks provide a vital opportunity to build relationships and culture in their workplace.
    • 64% say that their office coffee breaks provide this crucial aspect of workplace happiness.
    • 65% expect high-quality coffee in their workplace.
    • 62% of employees say they feel more productive after a coffee break. 

    It's clear that employees, whether they're in the office or working remotely, crave something more than the run-of-the-mill coffee setup. They seek an experience rivaling their favorite coffee shops without draining their wallets. That's where Crafty comes in!

    Give your employees more than just a caffeine fix! Top workplaces are taking a cue from the hospitality industry, designing multi-use spaces that fuse inspiration and connection into their daily coffee culture. Transform the average office coffee station into a thriving hub of creativity, productivity, and community. 

    We're sharing our unique blend of knowledge, sourced by operating over 300+ office kitchens across the globe, including stats and articles that reveal the untapped potential of your workplace coffee service. 

    Ready to brew up the ultimate coffee experience your team deserves?

    Office Coffee Trends

    Coffee isn’t just a nice perk; it’s the lifeblood employees rely on to thrive during the workday. Our team did a deep dive into the significance of an office coffee station by looking at our own consumption data across all our clients: 

    • Coffee and tea account for 20% of Crafty client F&B spending in 2023.
    • There was a 64% increase in coffee and tea units in 2023 compared to last year.
    • The cold brew and iced coffee category of kegs and cans accounts for 17% of coffee units purchased in 2023.
    • Dark roast coffee is the preference for 5 out of 10 Crafty clients.
    • Oat milk saw a 159% increase in units sold compared to the previous year.

    Live footage of your team without coffee: 

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    Crafty delivers the future of the workplace report with office snack and office drink trends and statistics

    How to Elevate Your Office Coffee Station by Learning from Your Favorite Coffee Shop

    The local café is the perfect combination of atmosphere and caffeine to fuel remote productivity, but in recent years, cafés are starting to feel unfriendly to the very people who rely on them. Instead of seeing this shift as a negative, leading workplaces use this as an opportunity to invest in amenity-rich spaces to drive employees into the office. This is more than just a lone coffee machine with a few pods, but rather a boutique lounge area with premium coffee essentials at the center, including quality coffee machines, kegs, locally sourced coffee, and all the fixing for employees to craft their favorite beverages steps away from their desk. Explore the learnings that these workplaces are using to up their coffee game and brew growth. 

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    The Best Office Coffee Products for Every Price Point

    If you're a workplace manager looking to jazz up your office vibe and make it more welcoming, here's a tip: bring that coffee shop feel to your workplace. The right coffee selection and accompaniments can do wonders to drive traffic to your office.  Because enticing experiences often come with a hefty price tag, we've put together this guide to help you satisfy your team's caffeine craving, no matter what your budget sheet looks like this quarter.

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    How to Select the Right Corporate Coffee Machine

    Picking the perfect corporate coffee machine is a bit like finding the right employee: it needs to work hard and produce quality work while also boosting the morale of the team. Let's unpack everything you need to know when choosing the perfect office coffee machine for your team. 

    How to Pick the Right Office Coffee Machine

    Creating that perfect office coffee experience starts with choosing the right coffee equipment. Looking into all of the available options can be confusing, so let's break it down into these categories: automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines, drip coffee machines, pod coffee machines, and commercial espresso machines with personal barista support (a fan fave!). Dive into each category to learn what works best for your office.

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    Top 6 Office Coffee Machines

    Discover the top six office coffee machines across 300+ offices across the globe. Choosing the best corporate coffee equipment is critical to the success of your office coffee station. You want to ensure your equipment aligns with the taste preference and usage your office requires. Explore the corporate coffee machines leading workplaces trust to fuel their productivity.   

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    Picking the Right Cold Brew Keg for Your Office

    Hot coffee may be the traditional office go-to, but when you're looking for something trendy (because, let's be real, who isn't?), cold brew is what's on tap. Ready to take the [cold brew] plunge? You're going to need a kegerator. Whether you choose a freestanding or under-the-counter unit, your office can enjoy tea, kombucha, sparkling water, beer, wine, and cold brew coffee on tap. Discover how to match the perfect keg to the experience you want to brew up.

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    How to Plan for Installing Your Office Coffee Machine

    Crafty’s partnership with this innovative planning tool is exactly what your office needs to prep for your coffee machine installation. Matterport's immersive 3D tech helps us understand your space so we can create the coziest coffee station for your office with a layout that makes sense and utilizes every inch of available space. It's optimization, simplified. 

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    How to Pick the Right Coffee for Your Office

    Choosing the perfect office coffee is no walk in the park. Are you choosing a bright, cheery light roast or the intense, brooding dark roast? Is it on tap, bean-to-cup or the classic drip? There are hundreds of options, but fear not! We're here to help you navigate this caffeinated minefield and find the ideal brew for your team without triggering a full-blown coffee crisis.

    Light Roast vs. Dark Roast


    Light Roast Vs. Dark Roast

    Choosing a favorite coffee roast is a lot like choosing a favorite song, everyone's answer will be different. When it comes to the essence of coffee flavor, it's all about the roast. From light to dark, the roasting process is like an art form for coffee roasters. Dark roasts bring out caramelization, yielding chocolate, caramel, and bitterness, while light roasts preserve the unique flavors that lead to brighter, sometimes tart, fruity notes. Whether you know your team’s preferences or are ready to explore, we have the coffee knowledge to guide you on your office's java journey.

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    Office Cold Brew vs. Nitro vs. Iced Coffee

    Cold coffee is trending, but who knew there were so many frigid options to choose from? Before you dive right into that tap, it's essential to understand the difference between simple iced coffee, cold brew, and nitro cold brew. They’re all different, and our trusty coffee connoisseurs at Crafty are here to enlighten you on all things related to office coffee. 

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    How to Consciously Uncouple from Dairy in Your Office Coffee Station

    Accommodating dietary choices and embracing sustainability have become essential for creating an inclusive workplace. In an era where small changes can make a huge impact, switching to non-dairy alternatives not only caters to diverse tastes but also reduces the environmental footprint — something employees care a lot about! Crafty's extensive product catalog provides a variety of dairy-free choices for your office coffee station that can contribute to your team's well-being and overall workplace happiness. 

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    How to Budget for an Office Coffee Station

    Crafting a budget is crucial for maintaining a well-stocked, efficient office coffee station without any budget-busting surprises. Our platform offers real-time insights into office operations, automated inventory tools, and consumption reporting to tailor coffee offerings to employee preferences and keep your budget intact. With Crafty's step-by-step formula, you can ensure your employees are coffee-content, and your budget stays firmly on track. 

    Here’s how we do it:

    1. Estimate Daily Headcount: Determine your office's daily headcount, focusing on peak days. Use surveys or insights to predict high-traffic days and plan accordingly.
    2. Set a Daily Budget: Define a budget per person per day. Customize product selections within your budget to align with employee preferences.
    3. Time Your Deliveries: Choose a delivery schedule that suits your monthly coffee spend, ensuring shelves remain stocked without excess inventory.
    4. Match With the Right Service Package: Select a service package that aligns with your needs, such as Delivery+ or Concierge. Crafty offers a seamless, easily manageable experience for your office pantry program — coffee station included!
    5. Finalize Equipment: Choose suitable office coffee station equipment and maximize usage with our guidance. Plus, your contract terms and overall program spending can unlock free equipment options. Win-win!

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    How Coffee Can Boost Productivity and Collaboration

    Beyond its aromatic allure and invigorating taste, coffee has become a catalyst for fostering meaningful interactions, fueling brainstorming sessions, and nurturing a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. Let's uncover how this simple yet powerful drink can be the ultimate catalyst for enhancing productivity and fostering a collaborative environment within the workplace.

    Why Your Office Kitchen Layout Matters for Employee Engagement

    Your office kitchen isn't just a place for coffee breaks and microwave meals; it has the potential to be the heart of innovation and employee engagement. A well-designed office kitchen can foster collaboration, nurture company culture, and improve employee well-being. In short, your office layout matters. Our Crafty team has valuable insights and tips for creating the perfect office kitchen layout — a cafe-level coffee station included.

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    6 Ways Productive People Fuel Their Morning Routines

    Not a morning person? Implementing healthy morning habits can boost daily performance and hydration is a great place to start. Unlocking the secrets of a productive morning routine doesn't require superhuman efforts, but for most, it does require coffee. Mastering morning routines can set the tone for a successful day at the office, but it's essential to maintain your energy levels with healthy snacks and beverages (aka lots of coffee!) throughout the workday to create a productive and well-nourished workforce.

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    How to Create Gathering Spaces in Your Office Kitchen

    The office kitchen isn't just a place for coffee and microwave lunches; it's the heart of your company. A well-designed office kitchen space boosts morale, productivity, and retention while reflecting your company's personality and culture, making it the perfect gathering spot. Remember the “coffee shop effect”? It applies here, too. To create a welcoming, productive space, comfortable seating, mood music, and entertainment options are must-haves. Keeping favorite food and beverage options stocked is key. When it's time to transform your office kitchen into the blissful abode your team actually wants to hang out in, let Crafty do the heavy lifting. 

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    How to Create a Sustainable Office Coffee Program

    Implementing sustainable practices within your office coffee program not only benefits the planet but can also cut office expenses, save energy, reduce landfill waste, improve brand image, and increase employee engagement. By monitoring inventory levels, reducing single-use items, and promoting waste sorting, your office can significantly reduce waste. Learn the top ways you can optimize your office kitchen to engage employees and save the environment. 

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    4 Reasons to Standardize Your Office Coffee Service

    Standardize your Office Food Service Program (1)

    Creating a standardized office coffee service is crucial for streamlining operations and enhancing the employee experience, especially if you have multiple office locations to serve. Offering a consistent coffee service alongside your food and beverage program can be a powerful tool for enticing employees to return to the office and fostering a sense of community. Standardization can boost employee productivity, strengthen company culture, increase employee engagement, and even fuel talent acquisition.

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