Crafty Fuels Nuro’s Hypergrowth

Nuro trusted Crafty to take on its full-scale kitchen management program during a time of rapid growth. The Nuro team went from 300 employees in one location to over 1,200 in a variety of locations… and they are still growing. Crafty fuels their team nationwide while centralizing operation management, consumption data, and beyond! 

Testimonial provided by Danielle Vitale, Workplace Coordinator at Nuro.

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Nuro is a robotics company on a mission to improve everyday life through their creations. Leading brands worldwide trust Nuro with their innovative electric vehicles to keep streets safer and our planet healthier, and that’s all powered by a diverse and talented team. 

Nuro is literally living in the future, and they needed an office experience strategy that attracted only the best talent that could operate at the top of their game. Proximity fosters a sense of belonging, and food has been one of the most effective tools used by employers to build community. That is where Crafty came in, to provide a five-star food service program that fueled the Nuro team to greatness. 







The key goals that Danielle Vitale, Workplace Coordinator at Nuro, wanted to accomplish were: 

  • Efficiently scale an office kitchen and pantry program to meet Nuro’s rapidly evolving needs.
  • Monitor the nationwide program from one central place to make data-driven decisions. 
  • Ensure employee voices are at the forefront of crafting the food and beverage program. 

See how Nuro was backed by the best in the game: Crafty!

Crafty Scales Nuro’s Employee Offerings

Nuro started seeking assistance with in-office food and beverage management for their 300-person office in Mountain View, CA. At the time, Vitale was managing the program on her own and needed a partner to do the heavy lifting. As Nuro started to experience rapid growth, the DIY approach just wasn’t going to cut it. 

“I talked to my manager who formerly worked at Yelp,” says Vitale. “He encouraged me to reach out to Crafty because the team has done a really great job at Yelp.” Crafty worked with the Yelp team to improve their office kitchen experience by offering premium product sections and more efficient inventory management. 

Nuro saw the success at Yelp and was eager to partner with a company that shared the same values of improving daily life and celebrating the teams that make it happen. Nuro does that by lifting up their world-class team to build the best robotics. Crafty elevates office food service programs with premium products and dedicated on-site service that reflect the company’s values. 

“Nuro was - and is - rapidly growing,” says Vitale. “Crafty was really enthusiastic about making sure our employee voices were heard when curating our program. Crafty also prioritizes working with women and minority-owned businesses, which was a real draw for us at Nuro.”

Transparency Into Nationwide Food Service Operations

It’s no secret that finances are a major consideration when rolling out a nationwide company program. What turned Nuro’s head was the comprehensive savings that Crafty provided: 

  • Program Cost: Crafty is competitively priced regarding service and products. 
  • Time Savings: Crafty’s streamlined service and platform saves the Nuro team hours in managing operations and admin reporting. 
  • Reduce Waste: Crafty’s method is proven to reduce product overspending and product waste. 

What sealed the deal was Crafty’s enthusiasm and transparency. The foundation of a great partnership is ensuring that both parties feel comfortable and confident daily. Crafty’s central platform gave Vitale peace of mind when implementing the Crafty program across each Nuro office.  

“As with anything new, it’s difficult to hand over the reins to someone when you’ve been managing it yourself,” says Vitale. “Crafty made me feel very comfortable doing just that. Especially with the client dashboard, all the information I would ever need is right there. I know exactly what is going on at each of our offices with inventory, spending, and deliveries. Crafty handles the details, and if I ever need information, it’s right there. I have the Crafty dashboard up on my computer more than the Google homepage!” 

Crafty’s leading technology suite gives Vitale transparency into every facet of Nuro’s food and beverage program: 

  • Extensive Product Catalog  
  • Daily On-Site Operations
  • Companywide Orders 
  • Automated Inventory Management
  • Real-Time Budget Tracking 
  • Office Consumption Data 
  • Quick & Painless Reporting 
  • Centralized Billing 

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"I know exactly what is going on at each of our offices with inventory, spending, and deliveries.

Crafty handles the details, and if I ever need information, it’s right there. I have the Crafty dashboard up on my computer more than the Google homepage!"

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Employees Rave About Nuros Office Kitchen

Every workplace has a different measure of success. For Nuro, it was positive feedback from their team to prove employees felt heard and taken care of. Crafty's dedicated on-site service team is an extension of Vitale’s team, and we all want to make a good impression today and every day. 

“The feedback from everyone has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Vitale. “Crafty handles themselves with an incredible amount of professionalism. Early on, I witnessed our cofounder wander into the kitchen looking for something. Instantly, one of our Crafty Field Operators swept in and took care of him. It might seem like a small thing, but it had a large impact. I’m constantly hearing how impressive our Crafty Food & Beverage Coordinators are!”

One of Nuro’s core values is “Find a way,” meaning they embrace the unknown and find a solution. Funny enough, one of Crafty’s core values is “We build, then rebuild,” which means the same thing. Both companies thrive in undefined spaces because each knows how to upgrade the solution. Challenges are just a stepping stone toward something better.

“Crafty has really become an integral part of the Nuro culture,” says Vitale. “One of the biggest examples of this was at the start of the pandemic. With all our employees at home, we sent everyone a snack box that had some of our kitchen staples as well as some new products for everyone to try. Crafty’s timing on this was incredible. They were so quick to pivot and let our employees know that while things were uncertain, both Nuro and Crafty cared about them and wanted everyone to experience a bit of normalcy during a tough time.”

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"The Crafty dashboard helps me visualize multiple locations. It’s like being there without actually getting on a plane."

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Unmatched On-Site Food Service

The biggest frustration seen in the office food service industry is the lack of urgency to solve problems. Nothing is more frustrating than a broken office coffee machine, and what escalates it to Hulk-level anger is when your partner fails to respond to the issue quickly. Don’t worry; Crafty will never let it get to this level. 

“The responsiveness of the entire operations team at Crafty is unmatched,” adds Vitale. “Joe, one of Crafty’s service technicians, is my favorite person. I can play him a sound the coffee machine is making over the phone, and he’ll either tell me exactly how to fix it or he’ll be at our office right away.” 

That’s the beauty of Crafty. Yes, the technology is far and away better than anything you’ll see from competitors. That said, the combination of technology and the on-site service team makes managing an office food and beverage program a breeze. Employees can expect a standard of service across your company because our team of experts has got your back every step of the way. 

“Crafty has a restaurant-style response to requests; basically, they get it done as quickly as humanly possible,” says Vitale. “Not only that, but the Field Operations team is friendly, respectful, and a great mood setter for our kitchens. They’re like neat and tidy snack fairies around here!” 

Crafty prides itself on having the best talent in the business, whether they are part of the Crafty team or one of our handpicked partners. Companies like Nuro can trust that they can deliver a consistent employee experience nationwide and know they only need to reach out to Crafty to get the job done.

Nuro’s Best-In-Class Products

Nuro made it clear from the jump that ensuring their employees felt seen was important. To accomplish this, Crafty provides Nuro with an extensive product catalog that can be filtered by sensitivity, DEI, sustainability, and other values important to the Nuro team. It was crucial that the products reflected the diversity of Nuro employees while also being delicious. 

On the flip side, Crafty then tracks the consumption data across each office and centralizes it all in an easy visual dashboard. This allows Nuro to make data-driven decisions on the types of products they are ordering and reduce waste at all costs across every location. Crafty uses that data to identify trends across offices, spot opportunities to provide even better service and help Nuro forecast budgets for years to come. 

Here are the top items the Nuro HQ office loved in 2023:

The Future Of The Nuro Partnership

Again, Nuro is living in the future, and the future looks bright. If you’ve ever watched “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” show on Netflix, you see how many people it takes to make one car achieve ground-breaking results. Nuro is ready to eclipse that tenfold and needs to attract and retain the top talent to sustain this state of hypergrowth. 

“Nuro is in the process of expanding our HQ office, and from day 1 (from step 1!), Crafty has been present for all of those conversations,” says Vitale. “We are expanding quite a bit, and it’s been really wonderful to realize that Crafty can not only ‘plug and play’ into existing spaces but also can work with us from the start to create a totally custom experience as we expand into new spaces.”

The office kitchen is the engine of the workplace. In a car, the engine holds the power necessary to make the car go, and the better the engine, the faster the car, and the more wins you have under your belt. A great food and beverage program is the fuel to your workforce. It helps you retain the best team and gives them the energy to be more productive, which puts you on a path to surpass your company goals. 

“We have been able to make our workplace an incredible space by working with Crafty,” says Vitale. “Crafty is essentially just as important to our new spaces as is figuring out where our employees are going to sit and where they’re going to plug in our laptops.”

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Nuro creates a better every day through robotics, and Crafty can help them create a better every day inside their offices to achieve that nationwide. Crafty sets the bar when it comes to on-site service, innovative technology, and diversity of products, so companies like Nuro can boldly go where no one has gone before.

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Let's do this

No matter your office location or size, Crafty can help you build a food & beverage program that your company will love. If you're interested in learning how we can bring your vision to life, share your contact information and we'll be in touch.

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