Seeking the Best Office Coffee Setup? 3 Options Employees Will Love.

    Crafting the ultimate office coffee station that will drive employees into the office.   

    Seeking the Best Office Coffee Setup_ 3 Options Employees Will Love

    If 2023 was any indication, coffee continues to be a core component of the office experience. Last year, Crafty clients spent 64% more of their F&B budget in the office coffee category than in 2022. 

    Ninety percent of companies will return to the office by the end of 2024, and as employees cram offices once again, they’ll be reaching for caffeine to keep them alert. Bringing your team the comforts of a coffee shop is one way to keep them engaged and help them feel appreciated. It’ll also save them money. Grabbing a cuppa from their favorite coffee shop on the way to the office costs them $1.24 to $5 per day.

    Crafty is a leading office coffee delivery service for top workplaces, managing 300+ global client offices and serving more than 300,000 employees per month. For workplace teams searching for the best office coffee setup, let us walk you through three options that’ll fit any budget and space. Plus, we’ll share the internal data we’ve gathered to help guide your strategy.

    3 Options for Your Office Coffee Setup

    Option 1: Single-Serve Cans and Bottles

    Cost: $ 

    Best for: Small-to-medium-sized offices that want the convenience of grab-and-go coffee drinks without a significant equipment investment.

    Option 1_ Office Coffee Station Single-Serve Cans and Bottles


    • Affordable. Individually packaged beverages don’t have as high of an upfront cost as installing sophisticated espresso machines.
    • Easy to implement. While equipment like bean-to-cup coffee machines and kegerators require things like electric and water lines, single-serve cans need nothing more than refrigeration.
    • Convenient. Employees don’t need to be amateur baristas. They can just grab their drink and get on with their work


    • Lack of customization. With single-serve bottles, you sacrifice customization for convenience.
    • Packaging waste. Single-serve cans and bottles contribute to excess waste. But we encourage you to recycle when possible.

    Coffee Station Staples

    Single-Serve Cold Brew

    Cold brew (don’t confuse it with iced coffee!) has been trending for the past couple of years, and in 2024, it’s here to stay. Crafty saw a 24% steady yearly growth in the cold brew keg and single-serve category. The lower acidity and smoother taste resulting from a longer steeping time make cold brew a go-to for anyone with tummy troubles.

    Cold-Brew Kegs

    Kegerators are a great way to offer cold brew while cutting down on packaging waste. They’re also more affordable, with a lower cost per serving than single-serve cans. A freestanding kegerator can fit into any space you find as long as it has access to an outlet. And our Field Ops team will take care of refilling them and wiping them down.


    Not everyone drinks coffee, so be sure to stock up on both caffeinated and herbal teas to be mindful of your team’s diverse preferences. 


    Kombucha’s main ingredient is tea, meaning most kombucha has caffeine in it, though a lot less than the amount in coffee. 


    Option 2: Office Coffee Machine  Setups

    Cost: $$$

    Best for: Medium-to-large-sized offices that want to give employees the power to craft their own coffee drinks to their liking

    Option 2_ Office Coffee Machines for breakrooms (1)


    • Customization: Bean-to-cup coffee machines and milk frothers give your employees the highest level of drink customization, whether they’re craving an Americano, cappuccino, or the well-loved latte.
    • Premium taste: Nothing beats freshly ground coffee from a high-end machine. It’s why that cup from your coffee shop always tastes better.
    • Handles larger capacities: Crafty has machines that can brew 280 cups per hour and beyond. So for enterprises with 200+ headcount, coffee equipment setups are the way to go


    • Larger investment: This coffee setup requires not just the money but also the infrastructure to support it, including countertop space, water and electrical lines, and floor drains.
    • Learning curve: It might take some time for employees to figure out all the bells and whistles on a machine.
    • Maintenance: Top-of-the-line coffee equipment requires regular maintenance (but with Crafty as your service provider, we’ll take care of that for you)

    Coffee Station Staples

    For workplaces intent on crafting an immersive coffee shop experience, having bean-to-cup espresso or commercial drip machines onsite is a fantastic investment. Your staff will feel pampered and perked up thanks to this office coffee setup.

    When it comes to sourcing equipment, Crafty has many options available for free with a monthly spend, for rent, or for purchase, including:


    Nespresso Pod Machine

    • Nespresso Momento 100: For a fast single-serve option with a smaller carbon footprint, the Nespresso Momento 100 has you covered. With its QR-scan technology, your team can order coffee right from their mobile device. And thanks to Nespresso's sustainability mission and capsule recycling program, you can enjoy a good cup of espresso without feeling bad. Talk about efficiency! The Nespresso Momento 100 is best for offices of 100 people or fewer.

    Bean-to-Cup Espresso Machine

    • WMF 1500S+ Three Hopper Bean-to-cup Espresso Machine: This is a coffee lover’s dream. With two bean hoppers, a manual insert for other options such as decaf, a Choc Mixer for hot chocolate, milk systems, and a touch screen display—this is what you install if you want to offer your employees a premium coffee experience and a plethora of options. It’s designed for making an average of 180 cups per day.

    Classic Drip Coffee Machine

    • BUNN Infusion Twin Tall: When you’re brewing coffee at scale, drip is the way to go. And with the BUNN Infusion Twin Tall, you can serve a staggering 280 drinks per hour. It ain’t fancy, but it’s a workhorse: consistent, reliable, and powerful. If you need less, opt for the Infusion Single Tall.

    Option 3: Combination

    Cost: $$$$

    Best for: Large offices that want to blend the best of both worlds!

    Option 3_ Office Coffee Station Combination (1)


    • Highest level of variety and customization
    • Premium taste
    • Highest capacity


    • Significant investment
    • Learning curve
    • Maintenance

    If you want to communicate to your employees that you truly value them and their office experience, combining single-serve options with premium coffee machines gets that message across loud and clear. 

    You can set up a kegerator to keep your team’s favorite cold brew or kombucha on tap (and rotate options!); stock the fridge with a variety of canned coffees, bottled teas, and dairy and plant-based milks; and give them the ultimate gift of customization with bean-to-cup espresso machines and milk frothers. With this office coffee setup, your employees will look forward to coming to work!

    What’s the Ideal Office Coffee Setup? By the Numbers

    We tapped into Crafty’s proprietary data to share what’s working well for workplaces around the world. Here’s what we found:

    Top 3 Coffee Coffee Station Trends

    • Sustainability: ​​We're seeing offices gravitate toward eco-friendly options, including compostable supplies, plant-based milk alternatives, and energy-efficient coffee machines.
    • Variety: It’s the spice of life! Think outside the Mr. Coffee pot and offer a wide range of options, from a single-serve Keurig to an espresso machine. You can also offer alternatives, such as kombucha and tea, for non-coffee drinkers.
    • Local: Your staff likely has local favorites that they’ll crave. Infuse character into your office coffee experience by stocking your pantry with beans from regional roasters. At Crafty, we even paired up with Big Shoulders to craft a custom brew for our clients in Chicago (where we’re based!).

    Office Coffee Breakdown

    Twenty percent of Crafty clients’ F&B spend goes toward the office coffee station. Here’s the average percentage they allocate toward each category:


    • 42% coffee
      • 18% cold brew
      • 16% beans and grounds
      • 8% pods
    • 34% tea
    • 18% sweeteners & creamers
    • 5% kombucha
    • 1% cocoa

    Read More in the Crafty Trends Report > 

    Office Food Service Statistics from Crafty

    Top Coffee Types 

    🥇Cold brew

    🥈Coffee beans

    🥉Coffee pods

    Preferred Roasts 




    Top Teas 

    🥇Green tea

    🥈Black tea


    Top Sweeteners & Creamers 

    🥇Half & half



    What’s the Best Office Coffee Setup for You? Don’t Decide Alone

    At Crafty, we’re experts in workplace F&B and can work with you to craft a personalized coffee experience for your employees. We’ll consult with you, take your unique needs into consideration, crunch the numbers, and serve up your options. 

    Let’s chat about your ideal office coffee station!


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