How To Pick The Best Office Snacks For Employee Appreciation

    office snacks boost employee engagement

    In today's competitive job landscape, people want meaningful experiences that make them feel uniquely appreciated—and they're savvy enough to spot half-hearted attempts. Gone are the days when company t-shirts or retirement watches were enough to make employees feel like their contributions were acknowledged.

    Employees that don't feel appreciated won't sit around hoping you notice them (this isn't a '90s rom-com). They'll leave your organization and take their talents to your competition. Losing an employee isn't just a headcount loss. It's also a financial one. On average, it costs a company six to nine months of an employee's salary to replace them. Not to mention the time and effort it takes to recruit and train new talent. In addition to overall morale, your company's bottom line depends on you making employees feel taken care of and appreciated. 

    As small as it may sound, providing office snacks and beverages actually makes a big difference and leaves a lasting impact.


    Why Office Snacks Improve Employee Engagement

    The best way to show gratitude to your employees is to invest in a robust office snack program. 

    "When we share food, it shows trust—it shows we're willing to give up some of our resources, and it shows we want to get close with someone," says Omri Gillath, professor of psychology at the University of Kansas. 

    The proof is in the pudding…and chips…and protein bars. A recent study published by the American Psychological Association found that personal bonds become closer when two people offer one another food. A similar study by Nespresso found that 77% of people believed their meal breaks were of key importance to their relationship with their co-workers and contributed to workplace culture. 

    The more interconnected employees feel, the more confidence they’ll have in their workplace. When people feel like their efforts are recognized and appreciated, they stay motivated to do their best.


    How to Choose Employee Appreciation Snacks 

    Deciding which sweet and savory treats make the best employee appreciation snacks can be difficult. After all, everyone has unique tastes and dietary restrictions. Below, we offer suggestions that are sure to please any crowd. 



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    Office Snacks for All Sensitivities

    Employee appreciation snacks don’t have to feel like a Halloween candy haul. A quick office survey or a brief conversation can teach you which employees are keto, kosher, and everything in between. Once you’re armed with that information, it’s easy to pick out a snack (or ten) that will make them smile without challenging their beliefs. 

    Today, there are a ton of tasty, special diet-friendly options to choose from, including plant-based cookies that boast 16 grams of plant-based protein and fibergluten-free ranch-flavored roasted chickpea snacks, spicy portobello mushroom jerky that even meat lovers will enjoy, and more. 

    Following a non-traditional diet isn’t always easy (or respected). By showing employees that you took the time to research and support their dietary restrictions, you’re not just demonstrating understanding, you’re telling them that you respect the choices they make for themselves. 


    DEI Snacks For Work

    For many people, food is more than a way to fuel up between meetings. It can also provide an outlet for them to express their personal beliefs. Today, you’ll find consumers hungry (pun intended) for women- and BIPOC-owned brands, as well as products that promote sustainability, fair-trade practices and community investment. 

    Providing employee appreciation snacks that taste good and do good is easy. Try Partake, a black- and woman-owned cookie company with flavors like Birthday Cake, Carrot Cake, and yummy Chocolate Chip.Or,  Dang Foods, an AAPI-founded family-run B-Corp serving up Asian-American inspired snacks like coconut chips, Thai rice chips, and peanut butter bars. 

    Investing in snacks that support larger social goals is a great way to communicate your commitments to DEI initiatives and to show them that you’ve taken the time to understand which causes are near and dear to their hearts.  

    Pro tip: Keep a list of your favorite socially-minded brands handy for future holidays and celebrations. How great would an assortment of female-owned snacks be in the office during Women’s History Month or LGBTQ-owned treats during Pride Month? When you're done snacking, leave an online review for that company to help increase their visibility and show other shoppers how much you enjoyed their products. 


    Seltzer, Suds and Sodas

    If you work alongside someone who likes to stay hydrated, the perfect employee appreciation gift might just come in a bottle. Depending on the needs of your recipient (do they need canned cold brew to start the day? Do they raid the fridge for sparkling water at lunch?), you may want to get them a prepackaged drink they crack open and enjoy anytime, anywhere. 

    According to our recent End of Year Insights, the most requested beverage within our client base was LaCroix Pamplemousse, a citrusy and refreshing seltzer. For the people who run on Java, Bulletproof’s Cold Brew Latte offers a bold twist with  collagen protein, MCT oil and their signature grass-fed butter. For those who like to recreate their barista fantasies at the office, opt for Counter Culture’s nutty Big Trouble (Whole Bean) Blend or the soothing botanical blend of Rishi’s Chamomile Medley tea. 

    Whether the employee you’re appreciating is team cocktails or mocktails, there are ways to send thoughtful drinks to make their spirits bright. Cocktail mixers have improved a lot since the days of syrupy grocery store mixes. Try putting a bow on Cocktail Courier’s Winter SKYY Mule Mix, which includes all the ingredients you need to recreate the bar staple. We also like the company’s Feliz & Fuego Non Alcoholic Kit, which pairs Bitter Italian chinotto soda with tropical pineapple and rich cocoa nib. 


    Employee’s Choice

    There’s a misconception that presenting someone with a gift card, or giving them money, isn’t as fun as handing them a physical gift. We strongly disagree. At Crafty we think giving your employees a means to claim what they want is like handing over a magic key that unlock loads of possibilities. 

    If you want to distribute an employee appreciation gift card, think of what your giftee could really use right now. Did they just have a new baby? Get them a gift card that can help them buy family essentials or some newborn swag. Are they fitness fanatics? They might like a gift card that allows them to buy new at-home workout equipment. Working on self care? Try a voucher for candles, soaps or other relaxing goods. 

    We may be biased, but we think Crafty Credit is the perfect “gift card” choice for any employee. The credit gives giftees the power to choose from a variety of products that are guaranteed to make their trips to the office or days working from home more productive and fun. That’s why we offer everything from top of the line travel mugs to cozy socks and, of course, tons of incredible snacks. The only tough part for you will be narrowing down exactly how much credit to gift—it’s that good.


    Snacks Boost Employee Retention

    Making employees feel valued should always be your top priority. In addition to positive reinforcement and growth opportunities, you can show them that you appreciate their hard work more immediately with their favorite snacks. With Crafty, you can skip the guesswork and select from a variety of treats that satisfy all diets and tastes, guaranteeing your recipients will feel uniquely recognized.

    They say the most successful people are those who make a habit of thanking other people. 

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