Sprout Social tapped Crafty to introduce a high-quality food and beverage program to complement its organizational values. 

Testimonial provided by Sara Rodriguez, Workplace Experience Specialist at Sprout Social. 

Since launching in 2010, Sprout Social has become a leading social media management and analytics software provider. With over 30,000 customers worldwide, the company has been instrumental in unlocking the full potential of social media for organizations including KraftHeinz, Shopify, Subaru, Canva and more–ushering in a new era of connection between brands and the people who love them. 

Beyond its innovative technology, what sets Sprout apart is its unwavering commitment to cultivating a vibrant workplace culture. The company ensures its in-office staff are fueled by providing food and drinks. When selecting a food and beverage vendor, they sought alignment with their core values such as Celebrating Change, Solving Hard Problems,  Caring Deeply, Embracing Accountability, and Seeking Simplicity. 

Crafty, with its people-first approach, emerged as the ideal partner, aiding Sprout in meeting their workforce needs, understanding team dynamics, and retaining talent. 


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"The foods our people like to eat are diverse, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Seeing consumption patterns change in real-time helps us define our approach to promoting a healthy selection."

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Celebrating Change by Adapting to Modern Employee Needs

Before the pandemic, Sprout collaborated with Crafty to provide beverage experiences and happy hours. However, as offices reopened post-pandemic and transitioned to a hybrid work model, Sprout noticed a shift in employee attitudes toward office attendance, food offerings, and commuting experiences.

"We're passionate about food, and it's always been a cornerstone of our company culture," says Sara Rodriguez, Workplace Experience Specialist at Sprout. "Since partnering with Crafty, we've loved their approach of engaging our team in selecting and trying new products, meeting the demand for healthier snacks and sparking important conversations around wellness."

At Sprout Social, this translated into a desire for more plant-based options and meals supporting fitness and nutritional goals, alongside traditional snacks for comfort. Crafty's diverse inventory and insights into consumption patterns allowed Sprout Social to offer a balanced selection.

"The foods our people like to eat are diverse, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options," shares Rodriguez. "Seeing consumption patterns change in real-time helps us define our approach to promoting a healthy selection."

Solving Hard Problems with Dedicated Experts

As part of Crafty’s Concierge service, Sprout Social benefits from a dedicated Crafty onsite staff member who goes beyond mere operations. These F&B experts manage inventory, budgets, and enhance workplace culture.

Rose Sturdivant, Crafty’s representative at Sprout's Chicago headquarters, brings years of food industry experience and exceptional people skills to her role. Working closely with Rodriguez, she anticipates and fulfills employee needs, ensuring smooth F&B operations.

“I always refer to Rose as my partner in crime,” continues Rodriguez. “She's my eyes and ears when I'm not around. Our work is closely intertwined and I rely on her for  accurate orders and smooth execution. Honestly, I couldn't perform at my best without Rose. She knows this office and its kitchen like the back of her hand."

“I have a close-knit relationship with Sara,” says Sturdivant “I follow her lead but remain proactive. I understand her needs and keep her informed of options.”

Supported by Crafty’s budgeting tool, Rose manages Sprout’s budget and spending, ensuring alignment with goals and mission.

“With managing our spend being more of a priority this year, Rose makes it a point to bring me options that fit with our budget while not compromising our employees’ needs,” shares Sara. “She's so well aligned with our goals and our mission that it makes my job so much easier.”

“Staying within budget is a priority,” says Rose. “We discussed strategies to cut costs without compromising quality, aligning with Sprout’s goals.”


I always refer to Rose as my partner in crime. She's my eyes and ears when I'm not around.

I couldn't perform at my best without Rose. She knows this office and its kitchen like the back of her hand."

Caring Deeply Through Friendly, Consistent Support

Rose has become a friendly and familiar face around the Sprout office and takes pride in having friendly relationships with team members. By familiarizing herself with individual needs like dietary requirements and lifestyle, she ensures that the pantry always has options that appeal to everyone. This personalized touch elevates the quality of service and fosters a sense of belonging and appreciation among employees, ultimately enhancing morale and productivity.

“I always keep the door open for Rose. She gives me her opinions about what works well in the office and what doesn't,” says Rodriguez. “If people have given her feedback about the snacks they want to see in the office, she’ll always bring me a list of recommendations.”

Working closely with Client Ops Manager, Karina Pantoja, Rose leverages her strategic planning skills to help Sara organize food on days when a large group is in the office for a special event or there’s a local offsite.

Through consistent communication, Karina, Sara and Rose have formed unbreakable bonds that prepare them to handle whatever comes their way. 

“Sara deserves credit for her excellent communication with Karina and me,” continues Rose. “We get detailed recaps and updates on office happenings and events way in advance, allowing us to plan ahead, like their annual midyear get-together with over 600 Sprout employees. This proactive approach between the three of us makes my day job and executing events a breeze. Even if unexpected issues arise, we're always prepared thanks to our thorough planning process and collaboration."

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Simplicity by Streamlining Operations

Crafty is dedicated to crafting extraordinary experiences for employees. Behind the scenes, the company has developed streamlined processes to manage workplace F&B seamlessly.

Rodriguez emphasizes the convenience of communicating with her dedicated Client Ops Manager, Karina, who promptly fulfills specific requests. This customer-centric approach provides tailored solutions, enhancing the overall experience for workplace managers and employees.

For the Sprout Social team, Crafty’s Platform simplifies operations further. With inventory management and an easy-to-browse marketplace, Sara and her team can view available products, pricing, and filter by category. Crafty ensures snacks are always available and offers substitutes in case of supply chain issues.

“Crafty is the warehouse of all warehouses,” shares Rodriguez. “The diverse range guarantees options catering to our employees' preferences and dietary needs.”

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Sprout Social - Crafty Office Pantry

Embracing Accountability With Sustainable Practices 
As a whole, Sprout is committed to environmentally friendly practices, taking proactive steps to reduce its environmental footprint through tangible initiatives. Crafty has played a crucial role in helping the team reduce waste in packaging and food.

“We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint through various measures, including prudent electricity usage, energy conservation, and waste reduction efforts,” reads a 2023 sustainability statement from the company.

Disposable snack wrappers and utensils can be taxing on the environment, especially in office settings. To address this, Sprout integrated compostable and reusable materials into its kitchen with Crafty's support.

“Crafty has made a significant impact by providing compostable and recyclable supplies and signage to educate our people,” says Rodriguez. “It’s helped us fold sustainability into our workplace in an approachable way.”

Crafty offers eco-friendly options like biodegradable cups, plates, and bowls, supported by consumption pattern insights from its platform. These insights empower Rodriguez and her team to make informed decisions, enhancing their F&B program's ROI."



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Crafting sustainable office pantry report

The partnership between Sprout Social and Crafty exemplifies the power of the relationship between workplace culture, employee satisfaction, and strategic food and beverage programs. Both organizations have created a dynamic and thriving workplace environment by prioritizing employee well-being, fostering collaboration, and embracing sustainability. By championing a culture that celebrates connectivity, Sprout Social sets a precedent for what a truly fulfilling workplace can look like in the digital age.

“The praise we get is so meaningful, although I tend to downplay compliments,” ends Rose. “Crafty being seen as an integral part of the Sprout team, rather than as outsiders, is so rewarding. It makes my  commitment to providing exceptional service and support that much stronger."


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