Top Office Drinks by City in 2023 

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    In the battleground between returning to the office and remote work, one thing unites employees everywhere: the undying love for a variety of beverages throughout the workday.

    As employees move through their workday, desks become a graveyard of finished beverages ranging from sparkling water, tea, juice, and beyond. The only difference is that remote workers have to cover the drink tab at the end of the day, whereas their office counterparts have an all-expenses-paid trip to the office kitchen. Makes you think…

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    The top workplaces across 30+ cities trust Crafty to create an office kitchen and pantry experience worth commuting for, meaning employees benefit financially and mentally. These perks allow employees to save upwards of $520/year on their drink expenses, while regular microbreaks throughout the day increase the likelihood of achieving their work goals, according to a 2021 study out of North Carolina State University

    Want to see how you can sip on some of this productivity? Discover 2023's office drink trends and top beverages for each city, sans coffee or tea beverages. As the leading connoisseurs of office coffee, you know we are working on a specific list for that. 😎



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    Office Drink Trends

    Crafty's recent office kitchen budget statistics found that more than half of the top workplaces fall into our $7.50/day/employee budget tier, which allocates around three drinks/employee/day. Coffee is the obvious choice for one of the three, but what else should you be stocking? 

    Crafty's proprietary technology platform provides clients with visibility into all their locations' consumption data as a whole and individually. We took a look at all our client's data and spotted some interesting trends overall: 

    • 100% increase in office beverage spend in 2023 YoY 
    • 35% of office drinks ordered in 2023 were still and sparkling water 
    • 9% of office drinks ordered in 2023 were flavored and infused water
    • 19% of office drinks ordered in 2023 were sodas 
    • 7% of office drinks ordered in 2023 were energy drinks 
    • 16% of office drinks ordered in 2023 were juice

    Now, it's time to dive into the nitty gritty details to find out which drinks take the top spot in each city and what that might say about them. 

    Top Office Drinks By City Atlanta


    Martinelli's Apple Juice

    Atlanta making Martinelli's Apple Juice their top office drink might raise a few eyebrows, but it makes sense in the Southern heat. With its refreshing appeal, Martinelli's provides a much-needed respite from Atlanta's scorching summers while capturing Atlanta's vibrant spirit and evolving tastes in one crisp sip.

    Top Office Drinks By City Austin


    Hint Pineapple 

    Deep in the heart of Texas, Austin's choice of Hint Pineapple aligns with the city's laid-back vibe, giving much-needed hydration with a twist. These weirdos (with love - it's your tagline, after all) appreciate a drink that's refreshingly tropical while free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives. It's like a mini-vacation in a bottle, ideal for Austin's creative workforce.

    Top Office Drinks By City The Bay

    Bay Area

    Kirkland Signature Organic Coconut Water

    The Bay Area choosing coconut water as their #1 pick is a drinkable metaphor for their startups – a little nutty, slightly mysterious, and guaranteed to quench even the most innovative thirst for knowledge. Plus, with the constant quest for innovation, they're just one sip away from discovering the secret of turning coconuts into the next great cryptocurrency!

    Top Office Drinks By City Boston


    Coca-Cola Diet Coke

    In the historic and intellectual hub of Boston, where even the squirrels have Ivy League degrees, it's clear they would go with an office drink classic like Diet Coke. It's timeless, familiar, and always up for a spirited debate on whether it's better than the original. In true Bostonian form, they've got a die-hard fan base for this drink, complete with its own statistics, rituals, and comebacks for the haters.

    Top Office Drinks By City Charlotte


    Coca-Cola Coke Zero

    In Charlotte, where the spirit of Southern hospitality meets the bustling energy of a growing city, the choice of Coke Zero is like a charming nod to tradition. Charlotteans savor that nostalgic taste while relishing the fact that they're doing so with a bit of a twist. Whether they're crunching numbers at the office or swapping barbecue recipes, you can count on them to bring a little bit of fun.

    Top Office Drinks By City Chicago


    Ice Mountain 100% Natural Spring Water 

    The Windy City relies on 100% natural spring water to stay hydrated while debating whether ketchup belongs on a hot dog, deep-dish pizza is pizza or a pie, the better team between the Cubs and the White Sox, or just the simple fact that you haven't experienced winter until you've lived through "Chiberia." Chicagoans need their trusted hydration sidekick to fight the good fight.

    Top Office Drinks By City Cincinnati


    LaCroix Lime

    While other cities might settle for plain old water, Cincinnati decided they needed something with a bit more flair. They wanted a beverage that could bring zest to their meetings, fizz to their brainstorming sessions, and leave everyone feeling so refreshed they'd think they'd taken a dip in the Ohio River (OK, maybe not that far).

    Top Office Drinks By City Dallas


    Hint Blueberry Lemon

    Dallas opted for Hint Blueberry Lemon as their preferred office drink because it's the closest thing they can get to a cocktail during work hours. Sure, it's not a margarita, but with its natural fruit infusion, they can almost pretend like it is. Plus, the blueberry and lemon combo offers a tiny taste of sophistication in a city where everything is seemingly bigger and better.

    Top Office Drinks By City Denver


    Waterloo Sparkling Water Watermelon

    What better way to fuel those Rocky Mountain performance reports than a taste of summer in a can? Denver must have figured that while their ideas may be up in the clouds, their taste buds deserve a vacation down by the beach. May their sparkling water adventures bring them back to a simpler time, one can at a time.

    Top Office Drinks By City Houston


    Ozarka Natural Spring Water

    It’s essential that Houston has their water tasting like it's been filtered through the pristine, untouched wilderness rather than, you know, from a regular old tap. Nothing screams "classy hydration" like a bottle of water that has traveled through nature's waterpark before landing on your desk. Cheers to Houston for elevating their H2O game.

    Top Office Drinks By City Kansas City

    Kansas City

    Propel Flavored Electrolyte Water Variety Pack

    Kansas City has a knack for fostering great pairings (like Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift), and Propel's variety pack is no exception. It's got the perfect blend of electrolytes to keep teams hydrated and performing at their best. From lemonade to grape, it has a flavor variety that keeps taste buds singing.

    Top Office Drinks By City Las Vegas

    Las Vegas

    Glaceau vitaminwater Zero Variety Pack

    In a city that isn't a stranger to a good time, vitaminwater is the obvious pick. Las Vegas understands the importance of staying refreshed and hydrated. With its zero calories and variety of flavors, this drink is like a lifeline for those moments when they've hit the town a little too hard. It's a surefire way to keep the office buzzing, fueled by the hope that their next sip will be the big win they've been waiting for amidst the daily grind.

    Top Office Drinks By City Los Angeles

    Los Angeles

    Pure Leaf Unsweetened Black Tea

    Oh, Los Angeles, the city of dreams and, apparently, the city of daring choices. They've boldly chosen Pure Leaf Unsweetened Black Tea as their top office drink so they can take their caffeine kick straight up with no frills. Hats off to LA for picking a beverage that screams, "We're too cool for sweetened drinks; we'll let our Instagram selfies provide the sugar rush!" Who needs sugar, anyway, when you've got the drama of celebrities and influencers to keep things interesting?

    Top Office Drinks By City Miami


    Coca-Cola Classic

    In all its vibrant glory, Miami decided to go with a classic for their #1 office drink. In a city where the line between "work" and "party" blurs effortlessly, why not bring a little pick-me-up into the office? ​​It's as if they've decided that every office break should come with its own DJ, bottle service, and VIP section because, well, it's Miami!  So, here's to making their choice in office drinks a little extra as they party through their 9-to-5 grind!

    Top Office Drinks By City New York City

    New York City

    Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water

    Leave it to New York City to choose spring water as their top office drink because nothing screams "I'm too busy for frills" like a bottle of water. Every second counts, and these city dwellers have more attitude than a hot dog vendor on a busy corner. The real ones know that hydration is the only thing that should be crystal clear.

    Top Office Drinks By City Philadelphia


    Coca-Cola Diet Coke

    Known for its hearty cheesesteaks and a football fanbase as passionate as a Rocky training montage, Philadelphia needs a caffeinated beverage they can count on. Their dedication to Diet Coke almost matches their football fandom…almost. Cheers, Philly, you've found the perfect companion for your never-ending quest for glory!

    Top Office Drinks By City Phoenix


    Naked Juice Smoothie Variety Pack

    Phoenix, the city where even your shadow breaks a sweat, has made an intriguing choice for their top office drink. They've decided to tackle the brutal desert heat by embracing a rainbow of fruity flavors in the workplace. They may be roasting outside, and air conditioning is a cherished lifeline, but at least they are blending their way to a cooler salvation!

    Top Office Drinks By City Pittsburgh


    Lemon Perfect Pineapple Coconut

    The city of steel and steadfast determination needs an option that adds a dose of paradise to their workday. They may have bridges and rivers, but that doesn't mean they can't dream of palm trees and coconuts! It's time for a refreshing departure from the usual, choosing a drink as unique as their iconic skyline and sweet as when the Steelers win.

    Top Office Drinks By City Portland


    Hint Watermelon

    In a brilliantly quirky move, the workforce of Portland chose Hint Watermelon as their top office drink. Clearly, they couldn't handle the burden of mainstream, predictable refreshments, and instead, they embraced the wild and whimsical world of watermelon. It's the perfect option to sip on for a city that proudly marches to the beat of their own drum.

    Top Office Drinks By City Raleigh


    CELSIUS Variety Pack

    The city that never met a spreadsheet it didn't like went full-throttle with the CELSIUS Variety Pack as their top office drink. The blend of cutting-edge flavors and a formula designed to boost productivity is the perfect choice to reflect Raleigh's innovative attitude. It's as if they realized that sipping on CELSIUS not only keeps their brains sharp so they can brew up code with ease.

    Top Office Drinks By City Salt Lake City

    Salt Lake City

    Naked Juice Green Machine

    Salt Lake City’s decision to crown Naked Juice Green Machine as their top office drink is nothing short of genius! In a city known for its pristine lakes and majestic mountains, they decided to go au naturel – no artificial flavors, just pure green goodness! Why sip on anything else when you can gulp down the essence of an entire farmers' market in one go? Let’s conquer mountains of paperwork with a burst of green-powered energy!

    Top Office Drinks By City San Diego

    San Diego

    Harmless Harvest Original Coconut Water 

    The land of eternal sunshine and fish tacos has boldly selected coconut water as their top office drink. Clearly, they're aiming to maintain their reputation as the ultimate laid-back, beach-loving, and health-conscious bunch. Perhaps they're hoping that sipping on coconut water will magically transport them to the shores of La Jolla during their coffee breaks. Or better, they've just decided that nothing screams "SoCal" quite like the gentle slurp of coconut water, all while wearing flip-flops at their standing desks.

    Top Office Drinks By City Seattle


    Teas' Tea Unsweetened - Jasmine Green Tea

    In the city where the rain never stops, and the coffee shops outnumber the people, it's quite the plot twist they declared Teas' Tea Unsweetened Jasmine Green Tea as their favorite office drink. Perhaps they've realized that even the most committed coffee addicts need an occasional break from their java jolt. Maybe they're hoping that sipping on jasmine green tea will bring back a hint of sunshine in those cloudy office days.

    Top Office Drinks By City St. Louis

    St. Louis

    Hint Watermelon

    Between the Gateway Arch and obsession with baseball, St. Louis has gone all fancy and declared Hint Watermelon as their favorite office drink. Maybe they figured that if they couldn't hit home runs at the office, they could at least hit the sweet spot of hydration with a hint of watermelon. The other option is they're just trying to turn the Arch into a giant watermelon slice in a desperate bid to make it even more Instagram-worthy.

    Top Office Drinks By City Washington DC-1

    Washington DC

    Deer Park Natural Spring Water

    Washington, D.C. decided to quench its thirst for change with spring water, as they needed a drink as clear and refreshing as their aspirations for a better nation. While they may argue endlessly over policies and budgets, at least they can all agree on one thing: the crisp taste of Deer Park is a winner.

    Raise A Glass To The Top International Office Drinks

    Deliver a cohesive office experience across all global locations with Crafty's expert people and centralized platform. Crafty partners with local providers to handpick the product selection that speaks to your team so you can build a  thriving workforce across the globe. 

    Check out the international office drink trends across Crafty's global accounts: 

    • Dublin: Vit Hit Perform Mango & Passionfruit
    • London: Coca-Cola Coke Zero
    • Manchester: Jimmy's Iced Coffee Original
    • Melbourne:  Rokeby Farms Whole Protein Dutch Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie
    • Sydney: S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water
    • Toronto: Flow Alkaline Spring Water, Original
    • Vancouver: bubly peach


    A good beverage can make all the difference in a productive workday. Regardless of where one works, office drinks are a way to take a step back, recenter, and come at a task from a new angle.

    The key to stocking an office kitchen to perfection is ensuring companies have an inside look at their program to easily audit products while tracking consumption and operation data. The Crafty dashboard helps offices across these 30+ cities keep all that information centralized in the dashboard to better spot trends, predict spend, and keep the program within budget. 

    Top workplaces across the globe will continue to place value on keeping fridges stocked to craft an office experience that employees value and even look forward to. Plus, is it even a productive workday if your desk doesn’t look like this? 

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