Office Snacks Fit For Queen B

    Office Snacks Fit For Queen Beyonce

    If at any point this summer your commute home suddenly felt more mirrorball than metro-transit, you may have crossed paths with the 1.6 million (and counting…) devoted members of the Beyhive that have swarmed to witness Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour. Breaking attendance records and glass ceilings along her way, it doesn’t take a Queen Bey loyalist to recognize her powerful impact. In celebration of Mrs. Carter’s solar return on September 4th (otherwise known as Bey-day), we’ve gathered a selection of snacks for work inspired by her discography. 

    Enhance the office experience with a pantry full of brain food snacks, healthy selections, and a dash of decadence, fit for the entertainment industry’s hardest working Virgo. If she can inspire the shape of a skyscraper, you can channel that same energy into the office experience with Crafty’s food & beverage programs.

    Dangerously in Love (2003)

    McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic Brut

    Marking Beyoncé’s debut as a solo artist, already having established herself as a sonic success with her group Destiny’s Child, Dangerously in Love reintroduced the world to a more sultry side of Bey. With industry heavies as collaborators, and one slinky video after the other, it’s no wonder the album has gone 6x platinum.

    What better way to celebrate the launch of this legendary chapter of her life than with some bubbly? McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic Brut, founded by sisters Robin and Andréa, and currently the largest African-American-owned wine company in the US, feels like the perfect match for toasting two decades of hits. Their New Zealand and California wines will enhance the vibe of office drinks at any company party.

    Office Snack Beyonce Dangerously in Love McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic Brut

    B’Day (2006)

    Blue Ribbon Classics Candy Center Crunch Bar

    Just as the title suggests, B’Day brought the airwaves a fully grown, and liberated Ms. Knowles to our attention. From critique and controversy surrounding her “Déjà Vu” visuals, and the rumor mill working overtime to establish a romantic rivalry between her and then new-comer Rihanna, nothing could stop the tracks from charting. Cuts like “Freakum Dress” and “Upgrade U” hit big numbers, even without an official single release.

    The nostalgic feel of the Blue Ribbon Classics Candy Center Crunch Bar will provide a joyful spark to any office break room. With the thick chocolatey chunk at the center, and a smooth vanilla ice cream, this office party snack will transport employees back to cherished childhood birthday memories. Nevermind the midday office kitchen ambiance.

    Office Snack Beyonce Bday blue ribbon candy crunch bar

    I Am... Sasha Fierce (2008)

    Savory Wild Portabella Jerky, Sesame,
    Ginger & Korean Chili

    Showcasing the duality of her personas, from the sweet and vulnerable “Halo” to sassy steadfast bachelorette classic “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”, B put it all out there on her third studio album…and third consecutive number one on the US charts. Sasha Fierce was unapologetically wild, cementing her “Diva” image with high-fashion looks, and  Tarantino-inspired styling on the “Video Phone” remix with Lady Gaga (and followed up with a feature on the 2010 “Telephone” co-starring the luckiest HoneyBun in the business). I Am… made sure the fans knew that Beyoncé came in a range of flavors, none of which were ordinary. 

    Savory Wild Portabella Jerky, in Sesame, Ginger & Korean Chili flavor, gives that same uncommon burst of flavor and hearty goodness. Plant-based, this vegan office snack suits the dietary needs of anyone looking for a healthy gluten-free, dairy-free, protein treat. Brain-food at its most savory, with a gochugaru kick to wake you from your midday slump.

    Office Snack Beyonce I Am... Sasha Fierce Savory Wild Portabella Jerky

    4 (2011)

    The SoulFull Project Blueberry Almond
    Multigrain Hot Cereal

    While her 2010 ‘hiatus’ only lasted a season, the driven and dedicated artist was truly making this next project on her terms. Having parted ways professionally with her manager-father, Matthew Knowles, and having decided to ‘kill’ persona Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé was ready to merge all facets of her creative vision. She let us know who “Run the World (Girls)” and gifted the world an iconic bump-reveal at the VMA’s to punctuate her “Love on Top” performance. Our first glimpse at Blue Ivy’s mother. 

    The SoulFull Project Multigrain Hot Cereal, in Blueberry Almond flavor, is a hearty healthy office breakfast idea that takes minimal prep time for maximum benefits. This woman-owned, vegan, and non-GMO 4-grain cereal starts any busy day strong; and each serving purchased is matched with a donation to local food banks.

    Office Snack Beyonce 4 SoulFull Project Blueberry Almond Multigain hot cereal

    Beyoncé (2013)

    Poppi Strawberry Lemon

    Coming in strong with a surprise December release, that still managed to nab a ‘Best Album of the Year’ title from Billboard, Beyoncé had no promotion, and no announcement: but fans still stayed up late into the night ready for exclusive iTunes access. Bey shook up the industry expectations, and gave the Hive a visual album that spoiled them for content to this day. She listened to her gut, winked at her pageant days in “Pretty Hurts”, and gave us a glimpse into just how much work it takes for her to appear “Flawless.”

    Poppi in Strawberry Lemon flavor gives that same bold, sweet, punch in a pretty pink package. The prebiotic, low-calorie, apple cider vinegar fuelled beverage is a healthy alternative to sugary sodas, that fortifies your gut to stay strong in the often toxic world of snacking.

    Office Snack Beyonce Poppi stawberry lemon

    Lemonade (2016)

    LUNA Bar, Lemonzest

    Genre-spanning, best-selling album, and visual masterpiece Lemonade brought us an ever edgier and influential Beyoncé. Video for the lead single “Formation” was available on Jay-Z’s Tidal, and otherwise only via unlisted link, and months later the tour was announced, following a controversial performance at the Super Bowl. The albums tracklist, and corresponding videos for “Sorry” and “Hold Up” made veiled references to marital problems and personal insecurities, launching countless think-pieces.. An emotionally powerful departure for the tight-lipped and private star.

    LUNA Bar in Lemon Zest will energize with a zing and a substantial serving of protein, for whatever heavy-lifting the day might bring. This woman and employee-owned brand comes in a variety of chewy and satisfying flavors, and is a gluten-free option that will climb the most popular snacks list at any office.

    Office Snack Beyonce Lemonade luna bar lemonzest

    Everything is Love (2018)

    Pukka Herbs Love

    Joining forces with Jay-Z as The Carters, the married powerhouse announced the album during their On the Run II tour.  This musical collaboration was their first official debut…nevermind all those early features. With rumors and speculation surrounding Lemonade in the (not-so-distant) past, Love had Jay and Bey shutting down the Louvre, collecting multiple nominations, and a Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album. 

    Pukka Herbs Love tea embodies the gentle and calming effects you’d expect from any great union. Ethically sourced and 100% organically grown ingredients, the blend of chamomile, lavender, elderflower, licorice, limeflower, marigold, and roses works to relax you during the most hectic workdays.

    Office Snacks Beyonce Everything Is love pukka herbs love

    Black Is King (2020)

    Divine Chocolate 85% Dark Chocolate With Blueberry & Popped Quinoa

    Co-written, executive produced, and directed by Queen B, Black Is King was released to accompany The Lion King: The Gift, her soundtrack to the live-action Disney film. While not your traditional offering from Beyoncé, she served as musical director on this Afrofuturist feature, dealing with identity, Black pride, and the African Diaspora.

    Divine Chocolate 85% Dark Chocolate With Blueberry & Popped Quinoa, delivers a rich, decadent, and uncommon option to your office pantry. Vegan, and fair trade certified, when you indulge with this treat you can feel secure knowing that the farmers involved in its production are co-op partners, and the company is dedicated to economic equity and sustainable practices.

    Office Snack Beyonce Black Is King Divine Chocolate

    Renaissance (2022)

    Iconic Immunity Coffee, Vanilla

    Conceptualized during the darkest days of lockdown, Beyoncé unleashed Renaissance (officially Act I: Renaissance, the first of a promised trilogy) with all its house and ballroom influence, as not just an escape, but also a celebration of all the marginalized people that contributed to the foundation of club music. Bey has encouraged ticket-holders to dress up in their silver, shimmery best as tour dates dwindle…and had their back via a DC Metro bill of $100k when storms forced delays. The Queen cares for her kingdom; even if she has played coy about further content creation. 

    Immunity Coffee in Vanilla, can keep the party going; even when that party is just a budget meeting. High-protein, low-carb, and intensely caffeinated, Iconic Coffee is a nutritious alternative to coffee shop standards. Compatible with the needs of fitness-fanatics and those in need of a quick sugar-fix.

    Office Snacks Beyonce Renaissance Iconic Immunity Coffee, Vanilla

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