8 Proven Employee Engagement Strategies

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    Terms like 'Quiet quitting,' 'bare minimum Mondays,' and 'The Great Resignation' may be dismissed as mere buzzwords by some, but they have gained traction for a reason. These phrases accurately depict the prevailing sentiment among a significant portion of employees who find themselves disengaged from their work. Rather than quitting outright, they go through the motions, doing the bare minimum to get by. This phenomenon has been exacerbated by the surge in hybrid work and the challenges posed by the pandemic. 

    The concerns of employee retention and engagement have loomed large for companies since the onset of the pandemic. It is no secret that engaged employees tend to be more productive, make greater contributions, and display a deeper commitment to their organizations. According to the State of the Global Workplace Report, only 15 percent of employees are engaged at work.

    Furthermore, the same report reveals that engaged employees are 87 percent less likely to leave their jobs. This is a critical factor to consider, especially when one takes into account that replacing an employee can incur a cost exceeding double their salary. It is hardly surprising, then, that in 2022, more than 50 million Americans decided to resign from their jobs. Their reasons varied, including feeling disrespected, unrecognized, a lack of benefits and perks, and an absence of work/life balance.

    Thankfully, there exists a straightforward and cost-effective method to enhance employee engagement: acknowledging good effort and celebrating great success. A recent study demonstrated that companies recognizing their employees' achievements multiple times a month were 41 percent more likely to witness increased employee retention and 34 percent more likely to observe heightened employee engagement.

    Office Food Service Program

    Over 88 percent of employees believe it’s essential for their employer to provide office snacks, and a shocking 60 percent of employees would change jobs simply for a better free food perk. 

    The good news for companies is that simply providing office snacks can improve job satisfaction by 67 percent and more than half of workers feel more productive when given free food at work. 

    Companies like Crafty make it simple for businesses to implement a cost-effective, turnkey office food program. Whether you want to stock an office kitchen, design a corporate cafe, provide individual snack boxes for in-office or remote employees, or need corporate catering, Crafty has solutions for businesses worldwide of all sizes.

    "Food and beverage can be a powerful, strategic tool for employers to show appreciation to their employees," shared Crafty's Co-CEO Nate Rosenstock.  He strongly believes in the notion that "breaking bread breaks boundaries" and that sharing a meal is one of the most basic human ways to connect. According to Rosenstock, providing employees with delicious and nourishing food not only satisfies their physical needs but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. By offering a variety of food options and creating a welcoming dining environment, employers can create a positive work culture where employees feel valued and appreciated. 

    Employee Gifts

    All employees crave recognition for a job well done. In fact 80 percent of people would work harder if they were simply acknowledged for doing good work, and employees are six times more likely to stay in their job when they’re recognized. A good employee engagement strategy is to recognize employees not only for results, but also for effort. 

    By 2024 corporate gifting is expected to be a $242 billion industry. Gifting can take the form of gift cards for major global brands like Starbucks or Amazon, but it can also be more personalized and targeted with programs like our Crafty in a Box. Through this companies can recognize employees with individual daily snack boxes for in-office workers and Crafty care packages for remote team members.

    DEI Events

    For over half of American workers, it’s important for companies to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). It’s not surprising when people consider being valued and recognized for who they are, and what they bring to a team is so important. 

    While there are many ways to celebrate your diverse team, one of the best for team building is to hold DEI holiday events. This can be anything from celebrating Black History Month to International Women’s Day. At Crafty we think any party is made better with food. Whether you’re looking for kosher snacks or full-on corporate event catering with a menu that highlights specific ethnic foods, Crafty can help you pull together an authentic, fun DEI event that celebrates your diverse team.

    Strong Communication

    Highly engaged employees are three times more likely to report that they feel heard at their job. Encouraging open communication is critical to your employee engagement strategy, and having a culture where concerns can be voiced without fear is imperative. For example, at Crafty one of our five value pillars is having an environment where our employees can give and receive feedback in a safe space.

    There are many ways companies can strengthen communication from regularly surveying workers to get feedback on different topics, holding Q&A company Town Hall meetings, and using a company chat program like Slack that encourages less formal communication. 

    Your office cafe can be an ideal environment designed for encouraging communication between both coworkers and managers. Team building events and parties also help create an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable speaking freely.

    "In the same way families connect at the dinner table, teams connect over food as well," shared Rosenstock.  According to Rosenstock, top workplaces with the highest levels of employee engagement use food & beverage as a recurring offering and in ad hoc events to foster connectivity.

    Flexible Work Options

    While many big companies are forgoing work from home policies, one way to retain employees is with an employee engagement strategy that includes flexible work options. According to a recent study, 68 percent of employees prefer a hybrid work environment, while 28 percent prefer to work from home and eight percent always in the office. 

    According to the Pew Research Center, 35 percent of Americans work remote 100 percent of the time. For companies with remote workers, it’s important to ensure that these workers still feel part of your team and culture. One way to do that is with Crafty’s snack box delivery program for remote or hybrid workers. Employees can pick their own snacks, or companies can send curated snack boxes like the Just Snacks or The Very Vegan directly to the employee’s home.

    Career Development 

    Today, people often switch employers to grow their career. If you want to retain good employees long term it’s important that career advancement paths are part of your employee engagement strategy. 

    92 percent of employees report that well done employee training programs improve their engagement. To help workers grow in their career, companies can offer in-house training or cover the cost of outside training development and schooling. 

    Mentoring programs are great for engagement because it engages both the mentee and the mentor. The mentor builds self-confidence through teaching, and the mentee is able to learn new job skills, as well as soft skills that help them navigate a company’s specific culture.

    Create Meaning

    Employees that believe in their company mission are more likely to stay in their job, but a recent Gallup poll found only 27 percent of employees believe strongly in their company’s mission. With Millennials and Gen Z workers in particular, finding a company that has a higher purpose is a key element for their job satisfaction. One way to engage employees to connect with your company’s mission is to offer opportunities for them to put the mission into action.  

    For example, part of Walmart’s mission is community outreach and sustainability. To live their values, Walmart offers employees opportunities to plant trees, volunteer at local food banks, or clean up parks.

    Wellness Perks

    Today health benefits extend past traditional health insurance to include wellness benefits. Over half of Millennial workers believe wellness benefits are essential, and nearly 70 percent of employees like their job more when wellness perks are offered. 

    Wellness programs have big benefits to employers including reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, better job satisfaction and reduced turnover. 

    Companies can include wellness benefits into their employee engagement programs by providing things like free or reduced gym memberships, free access to online wellness programs, mental health services and time off and offering Crafty’s healthy office snacks like Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins,  Barnana Dipped Banana Bites, or Kar’s All Energy Trail Mix

    In today’s competitive labor market, 87 percent of human resource professionals believe employee retention is one of their biggest challenges. With these 8 ideas to include in an employee engagement strategy, companies will be on the right track to retain their top talent. To learn more about how Crafty can be part of your employee retention program, contact us today. 


    As a cohesive team, we all hold the power to contribute to the improvement of employee engagement and retention. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by acknowledging the efforts of our colleagues. Grand gestures are not necessary; small acknowledgments for a job well done can have a profound impact. Whether it takes the form of a quick email, a shoutout during a team meeting, or a simple 'thank you,' these acts of recognition can significantly boost the morale and motivation of our colleagues.

    In addition to recognition, we can also work towards cultivating a more positive work environment. By nurturing a culture characterized by inclusivity, respect, and support, we can help our colleagues feel valued and engaged. This involves actively listening to and addressing their concerns, offering opportunities for growth and development, and promoting a healthier work/life balance."

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