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    Explore workplace trends alongside a compilation of Crafty's proprietary office pantry data.

    Crafty delivers Future of the Workplace trends report 2024

    CHICAGO, January 25, 2023–Crafty, the leading centralized platform offering innovative food and beverage solutions for global offices, announces the release of its latest comprehensive office trends report. The resource was designed to empower workplace leaders with invaluable, data-driven insights to enhance their company culture and foster a more productive work environment.

    The new ebook, "The Future of the Workplace: Usher in a New Era of Workplace Hospitality and Culture," underscores Crafty's commitment to supporting businesses in navigating the complexities of the current work landscape, including hybrid flexibility, managerial pressures and evolving employee demands.  

    With a mission to revolutionize office food and beverage solutions while emphasizing the importance of a conducive workplace culture, Crafty's ebook is a culmination of data-backed strategies and actionable recommendations. To create the ebook, Crafty leaned on its extensive experience supporting 300+ global offices and proven operational excellence. The company's merits in the snack industry underscore the credibility and depth of the insights provided.

    "Our aim with this ebook is to provide workplace leaders with the only roadmap they'll ever need to cultivate a company culture that drives success," said Nate Rosenstock, Crafty CEO. "Drawing on our experiences transforming the workplace snack industry and operational excellence, we've pulled together insights that empower leaders to create environments where employees won't just be happy, they'll thrive."

    Key highlights of the ebook include:

    • Insights into the correlation between workplace culture and employee performance
    • Practical strategies to foster inclusivity, diversity, and a sense of belonging
    • Data-backed analysis of the impact of food and beverage choices on workplace culture
    • Actionable steps to align organizational values with daily practices
    • Crafty invites workplace leaders, HR professionals, and decision-makers to access this invaluable resource to optimize company culture and drive success.

    The report is now available here

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    Crafty is a centralized platform for workplaces to manage food, beverage, and supplies for their in-office, remote, and hybrid teams across the globe. Founded in 2015, our mission is to help companies craft better workplaces. From G2 to CME Group to Yelp, we work with the world's biggest brands to harness the power of food and beverage to foster a culture of employee connectivity and increase workplace productivity. Headquartered in Chicago, with offices in New York and the Bay area, Crafty manages over 300+ global client offices and serves over 300,000+ employees per month. To learn more, visit 


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