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    We're peeling back the layers of Crafty's data to see which fruits and vegetables are the most popular snacks for work.

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    If your employees are like most Americans, they're likely not eating enough produce. According to the CDC, only 12.3% of U.S. adults meet the recommended daily intake of 1.5-2 cups of fruits, and even fewer, 10.0%, reach the suggested 2-3 cups of vegetables.

    Why does this matter? Research shows that a diet with plenty of fruits and veggies has a host of benefits: it can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce blood pressure, protect against cancer and boost cognitive performance. Providing employees with produce is not only good for their health, but it's good for their productivity, too.

    As a leading workplace F&B partner, we make it our business to stay on top of the latest consumption trends to help employers like you provide an employee experience that fosters a healthy environment. Naturally, we dove into our data across 300+ offices to see the most popular produce items. Use this data to make decisions guided by what your employees actually want.

    Crafty's unparalleled platform powers workplace teams to allocate spend wisely and keep optimal inventory levels. You get the centralized data across your location inside the Crafty Platform, plus we tap into these collective insights to help you predict broader trends and opportunities. 

    So, without further ado, here are the most desirable produce items based on Crafty client data.



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    2024 produce trends and most popular fruits and veggies for the workplace.

    Produce is among our top growing categories across all of our clients in 36 cities, with a 111% increase in spend in 2023 compared to 2022. On average, Crafty clients dedicate 19% of their F&B budget to fruits and veggies alone. 

    Which produce items are they munching on most?

    Office produce delivery bananas

    #1 Bananas

    Naturally wrapped in peelable and compostable packaging, bananas fuel you with heart-healthy potassium, keep your colon healthy with fiber, and energize you with natural sugars. 

    Office produce delivery apples

    #2 Gala Apples

    With more than 7,500 varieties, an apple is never just an apple. Gala apples have a floral scent and mild, sweet taste and are a huge hit in the office.

    Office produce delivery clementines

    #3 Clementines

    Clementines were created by crossing a Willowleaf mandarin orange and a sweet orange. They are small, easy to peel and packed with immune system-boosting Vitamin C.

    Office produce delivery oranges

    #4 Oranges

    If a clementine doesn't quite satisfy your citrus craving, opt for its larger and less sweet cousin, the orange. 

    Office produce delivery carrots

    #5 Baby Carrots

    Fun fact: "Baby carrots" are actually just regular carrots that have been ground down to a smaller size by a machine. Their teeny size makes them ideal for snacking at work!

    Office produce delivery avocados

    #6 Avocados

    Savory and creamy avocados are high in healthy fats, which are good for the brain. 

    Office produce delivery granny smith apples

    #7 Granny Smith Apples

    For some, the idea of biting into a fresh, tart Granny Smith apple is enough to make their face pucker out of anticipation. But for Crafty clients, this notoriously sour apple is a fave office snack that packs a satisfying crunch and is lower in sugar than other apples like the Gala.

    Boost your employees' energy by boosting their daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

    With produce options that are this delicious, your team will be able to meet their daily recommended fruit and veggie intake easily. And when you partner with Crafty, you'll get more granular data to find out exactly what your employees enjoy eating across your company and at specific locations–so you eliminate food and budget waste. 

    Don't let your employee experience goals wither on the vine. Crafty will take all of your needs and preferences, infuse our expertise, and provide you with the F&B service and technology you need to make workplace management a breeze. Let's chat!

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