Crafty Introduces Operations Overview to Revolutionize Onsite Food and Beverage Management

    Crafty Platform Operations Overview

    Exciting New Feature Unveiled to Enhance Operational Oversight

    CHICAGO, March 5, 2024–Crafty is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking feature designed to revolutionize how you manage and monitor your onsite food and beverage operations – Operations Overview!

    The new feature gives users a bird's eye view of their F&B programs across all locations to keep them informed and in charge. 

    Users who navigate through the refreshed interface will immediately notice the sleek new design of our navigation, aimed at enhancing user experience and streamlining accessibility.

    The real highlight lies within the newly introduced "Operations" tab. Here, we provide you with a dynamic, real-time view of the on-site operations across all of your office locations. It's like having your own trusted general on-site, offering live updates and insights, empowering you to oversee activities remotely with confidence.

    Within the Operations tab, you'll find comprehensive details on daily operations, including highlights, orders, deliveries, and completed tasks. These updates are meticulously maintained by your on-site team members, ensuring full visibility and transparency for you at all times.

    By filtering to a single site, such as your headquarters, you gain granular insights into every aspect of operations. Imagine receiving feedback from an employee regarding the shortage of a popular item at your headquarters. With Crafty's new  Operations Overview, you can quickly draw intelligent conclusions. Armed with this information, you and your Client Success team can proactively address the issue by considering adjustments such as adding more inventory or modifying operational hours.

    Crafty remains committed to empowering its clients with the tools and insights you need to optimize your operations effectively. With our new Operations Overviews feature, managing your F&B program has never been more intuitive or efficient.

    For further information or to experience the new feature firsthand, log in to your Crafty Platform today.

    About Crafty

    Crafty is a centralized platform for workplaces to manage food, beverage, and supplies for their in-office, remote, and hybrid teams across the globe. Founded in 2015, our mission is to help companies craft better workplaces. From G2 to CME Group to Yelp, we work with the world’s biggest brands to harness the power of food and beverage to foster a culture of employee connectivity and increase workplace productivity. Headquartered in Chicago, with offices in New York and the Bay area, Crafty manages over 300+ global client offices and serves over 300,000+ employees per month. To learn more, visit 


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