Office Snack Delivery Made Easy

    Office Snack Delivery Made Easy

    Stocking an office pantry sounds easy, right? If you consider sweating through your workwear and aching in places you didn’t even know existed, then yes, so easy. 🫠 

    In today’s hybrid world, a Gensler study reported that the most innovative companies across the US are investing in food service areas to elevate their office experiences. To drive employees back into the office, these companies invested in various working spaces, including office cafés, cafeterias, breakrooms, and more. 

    It’s not just the employees who benefit from these areas. Employers often reap the rewards with more engaged employees who stay at the company longer. Sharebite states that 61% of employees would change jobs due to food benefits. Are you willing to risk the happiness of half of your workforce over something you could quickly solve? Talent acquisition is hard enough! 

    Now that we are all on the same page about why free food is amazing, how does one pull this off companywide without sacrificing their mind, body, and spirit? You find a partner to delegate those tasks to, of course. Crafty’s Delivery+ takes care of those time-consuming office kitchen and pantry tasks so you can protect your peace while you easily monitor the program’s success.

    We’re diving into the ins and outs of Delivery+, including: 



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    Meet Your Office Kitchen Sidekick: Delivery+ 

    This is the perfect option to fuel your small to medium-sized office with snacks and drinks your employees will love. Delivery+ offloads time-consuming food service responsibilities from overwhelmed workplace teams so they can focus on the tasks that move your company forward. 

    The Crafty team swoops in for an average of 90 minutes to deliver and restock your shelves while managing your inventory, placing future orders, and keeping your equipment in tip-top shape. The Crafty team works with you to develop the ideal schedule that fits your office consumption patterns, and you can monitor the entire thing inside our central dashboard.

    Seamless Ordering & Delivery  

    Coordinating orders and deliveries across multiple vendors is exhausting. Something always goes wrong, from your CEO’s favorite coffee brand not showing up to the bananas looking like they were fighting for their lives. You were alone dealing with it – before Crafty was at your side. 

    Crafty consolidates all your orders in one place:

    📦 Order arrives together in a single delivery. 

    📸 We check your order line by line and provide photographic proof in your dashboard. 

    🦸 We get your order from our truck to your shelves and stockroom.

    🙋‍♀️ You have a central point of contact who supports your program’s success.

    Beautiful Product Merchandising  

    Restocking shelves efficiently and beautifully is an art. Not to mention, it wreaks havoc on your body. Try unloading and restocking multiple 24ct cases of LaCroix and see how you feel afterward. 

    Parks and Rec Everything Hurts Gif

    Our onsite superheroes do all the heavy lifting for you with style. After they deliver your order, they’ll restock your shelves across your office snack display, coffee station, and beverage fridge. 

    To ensure that every last product in your stockroom gets used, they use the FEFO method: First Expire, First Out. The products delivered prior go in the front, while all your new stuff goes in the back or in the stockroom. If anything looks slightly off, we pull it from the shelves so your employees get only the best. 

    Our green flag?
    We love a good aesthetic.

    It’s not enough to have the products on the shelves; we live for impeccable organization throughout your office kitchen:

    • Straight rows of cans with all the logos facing forward
    • Storage bins that are systematically organized 
    • Office snack stacks that are meticulously arranged 
    • Coffee stations with everything you need in easy reach
    Crafty Client Office Drink Fridge-1

    Effortless Inventory Management  

    Once everything is in the right place, it’s time to organize the stockroom to see what’s left and place future orders. All your inventory information gets loaded into the Crafty system, and our automated inventory tool does the rest. 

    Based on the minimum product thresholds we set, we place your next order so you never have a disruption in your office pantry program. Crafty will closely monitor your inventory while keeping your spending within budget. 

    Plus, our team is a master of stockroom Tetris. Each box gets marked with expiration dates and organized in that same FEFO way to make sure the first one in is the first one out! 

    Light Equipment & Space Upkeep 

    We all love using our corporate coffee machines, water dispensers, and kegs, but have you ever looked beneath the hood? Change a gas tank? Run a descaling cycle? 

    Avengers Steve Rogers Gif

    Delivery+ is here to save the day, providing some light upkeep to your equipment:

    • Kegerators: Tap new keg, test pour, check gas, and replace as needed.
    • Bevi: Check and refill bibs, check gas, and replace as needed.
    • Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machines: Refill beans and powders.
    • Other Coffee Machines: Run a clean cycle if needed. 

    Before we head out, we’ll give the areas around our equipment and snack displays a quick wipe-down to ensure they’re clean and ready for action. Then we’ll take out the trash in the kitchen and be on our way! 

    If your office is on the medium to large side with multiple kitchens, high-volume consumption, and lots of equipment, we suggest checking out our Concierge service. You may want the Crafty team onsite daily to support all these efforts!

    Centralized Dashboard 

    We are nothing but transparent at Crafty, and our dashboard gives you an inside look into every level of your program. The days of waiting hours, if not days, for a report are in the past because all the insights are at your fingertips. 

    🦸 On-Site Operations Status

    💰 Budget Tracking & Invoices

    📦 Inventory Center & Orders

    😋 Consumption Reports 

    🛍️ Product Catalog

    🙋‍♂️Crafty Contacts & Support 

    And So Much More!

    Office Pantry Dreams Do Come True 

    Streamlining your office kitchen and pantry program is magical. You can count on our reliable team to get the job done beautifully, and you can rest easy knowing you have daily transparency into every aspect of your food and beverage program. Plus, Crafty’s snackpertise transforms your office experience into a vibe your employees will want to show up for. 

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