Our COVID-19 Guide to Food & Beverage at Work


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Crafty's COVID-19 Guide to Food & Beverage at Work

For Workplace, Office & Facilities Teams


We see the world through food & beverage goggles, and we’re here to help.
  1. Preparation:  providing a tool belt (like Batman’s, but more practical) for your return to work
  2. Education: helping your team think long-term about food and beverage at work
Begin your journey below.
Single serve with green-12


Single Serve

Bulk is so last season. A new pandemic, a new you.

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Crafty Lunch Programs


Lunch Programs

Remember middle school? Well, boxed lunches are back, baby! 

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Safety and Sustainability


Safety vs Sustainability

How to keep Mother Earth in mind while safely operating your food & beverage program.

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Kitchenettes & Snack Depots

Layouts that keep food & beverage within reach without a long walk. 

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Onsite Operations


Onsite Operations

Sanitation, deep cleans, and protocols to stay ahead of the curve.

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Cafe and Barista Services


Cafe & Barista Services

Update your cafe layout and  technology to operate a safer coffee program.

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Budgeting and reporting


Budgeting & Reporting

Budgeting for your office’s food & beverage program during COVID-19.

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